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Jazzpunk Preview: This Can’t Come Soon Enough

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 8:13 am by Victor Chaves

Have you played a game that is all about comedy? Sure there’s Portal, Borderlands 2, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day—each of which is lauded as an extremely funny and fun game to play. Yet the comedy is still secondary to the core gameplay, whether it’s puzzling, shooting, or platforming. In comes Jazzpunk, the first game I’ve ever played that is primarily designed as a comedic game.

In Jazzpunk you’re a spy tasked with fulfilling different objectives assigned by your spy agency. However, it’s a complete red herring; and what starts out as navigating through a level side-tracks entirely into uncovering the next joke or gag. Some are hidden while many are out in the open, showing up merely through proximity. You could beat Jazzpunk in less than an hour; but if you trot through a level like a horse with blinders, ignoring some of the best jokes in gaming ever, you’re not playing it to its full potential.

The aesthetic is charming to the point of disarming. That amazing early 1950’s vibe is injected into each joke and setting, where technological developments were booming, Russians were scary, and movies were proudly announcing they were in color. Jazzpunk feels like a time-capsule from an alternate sci-fi punk universe. If you watched Ren & Stimpy or Catch Me If You Can, then you’ll be very comfortable in this environment that isn’t often used in video games. You can tell that Necrophone Games absolutely loves the faux-future 1950’s style, and for them to represent that visual style so well is incredibly impressive.

Jazzpunk is going to be the funniest game of 2014, maybe even of the decade! The comical onslaught is awe-inspiring and has extreme shades of Airplane! that will make you laugh until you cry, bowl over, and hurt from the hilarity. I claimed it as my PAX Prime 2013 Game Of The Show, and when February 7th rolls around, you’ll come to understand why.

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Watch a gameplay demo below with commentary, but if you plan on buying Jazzpunk, you shouldn’t watch it. Just enjoy the game spoiler-free when it comes out.

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