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Is There A Diablo 3 Wizard Exploit?

Posted on July 23, 2012 at 3:06 pm by Justin Cavender

Is there a Diablo 3 Wizard exploit? Well yesterday on Blizzard’s official Diablo 3 forum, a user by the name of Doso, posted an exploit that made wizards invulnerable. The contents of the post have been removed, but you can try the exploit at your own risk by doing the following:

  • Teleport, with the fracture rune selected
  • Archon, IGN tested with improved Archon
  • Have your cursor on or around your character and teleport
  • After you teleport, quickly use Archon

Blizzard has yet to comment on this exploit, and I still haven’t tried it. Having seen many players in World of Warcraft punished for using exploits, I’m in no hurry to become a super mega wizard. I would dare to speculate the worst that can happen is your items are taken away, and your account will suffer a short ban from the game. At this point, a ban is unlikely until Blizzard makes an official statement on the exploit. Still, it makes you wonder how long wizards have been making the most of it. Then some player who is trying to do the right thing ruins the fun for the entire wizard community. I’m just kidding Doso, you did the right thing.

There is another way to become a great and powerful wizard. It will take some practice, and a little gold to buy the right gear. However, if done right you can plow through inferno pretty smoothly.  I’m going to list all the abilities I use and why.


  • Frost Nova – Cold Snap Rune (Reduce the cooldown of Frost Nova)
  • Diamond Skin – Crystal Shell Rune (Increase the maximum damage absorbed)
  • Explosive Blast – Short Fuse Rune (Immediately release energy blast)
  • Energy Armor,  – Pin Point Barrier Rune (Increase chance of critical hits)
  • Energy Twister – Wicked Wind Rune (Twisters no longer travel, they stay in place)


  • Critical Mass -Critical hits have a chance to reduce the cooldown of abilities by 1 second
  • Astral Presence – Increase max arcane power by 20
  • Galvanizing Ward – Increase the duration of armor spells by 120 seconds. As long as it’s active you gain 310 life per second.


Aside from resist, crit should be your new best friend. I only say this because, with critical mass the more you crit, the faster your abilities will come off cooldown. If and when you get your crit high enough, you can keep diamond skin up most of  the time. This build won’t work for everyone, but you may find it useful. If you have a better build for inferno, please share in the comment section below. We look forward to your tales of success and face melting.

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