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Is Dean Lost Forever? Supernatural, “Reichenbach” Review

Posted on October 15, 2014 at 7:00 am by Amanda Andonian


Last time, Sam was kidnapped by a mysterious dude (Cole) who has it out for Dean, we find out right away that Dean apparently killed the guy’s father ten years ago. Knowing the Winchesters as we do, it’s pretty clear that Dean mostly likely killed Cole’s father because he was possessed by a demon. Despite his determination to track Dean Winchester down, Cole still managed to never catch wind of the fact that the Winchesters are monster hunters and there are far worse things out there in the dark than your run-of-the-mill murderer. I sort of find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t come across any evidence of demonic activity if he’s really been tracking Dean for ten years, but whatever! It apparently serves the plot for him to be ignorant of the fact.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Hannah are on the road, like a boring buddy comedy. As much as I like Castiel as a character, he’s really not particularly interesting when he’s not with the Winchesters. Pretty much all of the angels are boring, completely devoted to whatever cause has their feathers ruffled; and for Hannah, it’s either bringing angels back to Heaven or getting the rest of Castiel’s grace back. This eventually leads to a pointless confrontation with Metatron in his heavenly prison while he shouts threats at Castiel and Hannah in his rage over being imprisoned. I agree that Cass should have killed Metatron when he had the chance—you know that guy is going to get out of his cell eventually!


Mostly, this week’s episode is about Dean and his fall from humanity. While he might be a demon now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s Crowley’s bitch, and he makes that point abundantly clear to the recently reinstated King of Hell. Crowley may rule Hell, but they’re not in Hell, and Dean has no intention of marching to anyone’s drum but his own. The look of fear in Crowley’s eyes when Dean stares him down is evidence enough that things have gone much farther than Crowley anticipated. Dean is not someone who can be controlled or reined in, and he’ll cut down anyone who stands even slightly in his way. What’s even worse is that this applies especially to Sam.

Unfortunately for Sam, he doesn’t quite understand how far gone Dean is. Once again, he makes a deal with the Devil to get his brother back, but it’s not the brother that he expected. It’s a familiar refrain between the two brothers: one of them is “lost” and the other is determined to bring him back. However, I don’t think they’ve ever been so completely at odds as they are now. Even when Sam didn’t have a soul and couldn’t care less about Dean, I don’t recall him ever actively trying to kill or destroy Dean. Well, unless you count allowing him to be bitten by a vampire, but that was more an experiment to find out whether their “vamp-be-gone” cure would work. In any case, Sam literally needs to watch his back where Dean is involved, and it may just result in both of their deaths.


For those unfamiliar with Sherlock and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Final Problem,” the title of the episode, “Reichenbach,” is probably a reference to that little bit of Sherlock trivia. In “The Final Problem,” the last Sherlock story that Doyle wrote, Sherlock and Moriarty plunge to their deaths over the Reichenbach Falls, which are a series of waterfalls in Switzerland. In both the original story and the new BBC series, “Reichenbach” symbolizes Sherlock’s determination to bring down his most fearsome enemy, even if it means his own death in the process. It’s not hard to see the parallel with Sam and Dean. Despite his brother’s descent into madness, Sam is going right along with him, all in the hopes of redeeming him somehow. But if Sam can’t bring his brother back from the dark side, there’s no doubt that he’ll fall to his own death, right alongside his brother, if it ultimately means saving others.

Overall, it wasn’t a particularly surprising episode. Things pretty much unfold in the way that you would expect, though I am a little surprised by Crowley’s concern/regard for Dean. Maybe he’s just feeling lonely? All that human blood he injected last season must still be working its magic on him. Obviously Metatron is going to escape at some point, and Cole will return with a vengeance once he studies up on demons, most likely right after Sam manages to get the old Dean back. Come on, we know that’s going to happen eventually!

“Reichenbach” – C+

Supernatural, Season 10 Episode 2, “Reichenbach,” aired October 14th, 2014 on the CW.

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