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Interviews with Cast Members From The Walking Dead at Paleyfest

Posted on October 27, 2014 at 2:05 pm by Justin Cavender

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We would like to share with you interviews taken from the red carpet with cast members of The Walking Dead at Paleyfest. Our friend and colleague, Tony Tellado, over at Scifitalk was on-hand to speak with Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and Steven Yeun during the event. These interviews are brought to you as part of the Geek Initiative, where we work with other sites to bring you all the action from events around the country, including but not limited to conventions, festivals, and premieres.

These Interviews took place prior to the The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere**

Tony Tellado: It seems for Rick, it’s a matter of trust with the Terminus folks. Does he trust them? How far does he trust them? It seems like he has a choice to make.

Andrew Lincoln: Absolutley. I think all of the questions that were left unanswered at the end of last season will be answered very quickly in the returning episode.

Tony Tellado: As far as Rick what color would you color him this year ?

Andrew Lincoln: He’s everything. I mean, I think he’s the most complete version you’ve ever seen. He’s able to access his emotions and be the father that he’s always wanted to be. In the same vein, he’s also a warrior, a pragmatist, and a most dangerous man that is willing to go to any lengths to keep his family, and the survivors alive.

Tony Tellado: For Daryl, he lost a lot last year, but gained a family from Rick and the others. He had a choice where he could have gone the other way but didn’t. More of that this year ?

Norman Reedus: Emotionally he’s growing mountains. I think it’s taken him to realize that he’s ok to be you. It’s ok to be Daryl Dixon. I think he came in with a lot of self loathing and a huge chip on his shoulder. I think he’s gotten rid of a lot of that. He’s sort of found his self through these other people, his self worth. Emotionally he’s grown leaps and bounds.

Tony Tellado: How would you categorize Season Five?

Norman Reedus: Kind of like how Evel Knievel flies downhill and takes off on a ramp, then flies through a couple of hoops of fire, over a couple of busses. We’re kind of going through the air right now.

Tony Tellado: I think what was cool this past season was that he proved that he can be an alpha. What was it like for you to play that? I can see him stepping back into a secondary role, but always still have that quality with him.

Steven Yeun: I think for Glenn, that’s always been in him. For me, I’m an older brother so I’m right there. If anything it was interesting to play someone who was a little more submissive in the beginning years. And over the course of time, it’s been fun to let out a little bit more of what I’m used to in my life and push that and help grow this character over time. He’s definitely in a more confident place and a very expected place. He’s more than proved his worth, more than proved himself. Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun.

Tony Tellado: How would you describe Season Five?

Steven Yeun: Season Five is a whirlwind. It’s a very gnarly season. It’s introspective in a way that I can’t wait for people to see. Every single character is going to affect every other character. There are people within the group that aren’t a group mind. It’s going to be running the gamut of everywhere.

Be sure to check out Tony’s amazing geek news coverage over at There you will find other fun interviews, trailers, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and the Time Capsule Podcast.

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