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Interview: Richard Hatch Chats About LOADOUT

Posted on December 26, 2014 at 6:32 pm by Justin Cavender

Richard Hatch

About a week ago Machinima premiered Loadout: Going in Hot, a live-action short from Wayside Creations based on the popular free-to-play third-person shooter. The short is directed by Vincent Talenti and stars Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) as Captain Gaz. In the short, Captain Gaz and his crew are on a mission to score a massive payload before his nemesis arrives on the scene.

Our friend and colleague Tony Tellado from Sci-Fi Talk had the pleasure of speaking with Richard Hatch over the phone about his role in Loadout: Going in Hot and how the industry is changing (possibly for the better). This interview is part of our Geek Initiative, where we partner with other media outlets including Sci-Fi Talk and The Full Bleed to bring you additional geeky coverage.

Full Transcript:

Tony Tellado: This is based on a popular third person shooter that we all know and love to play. What led you in this direction and do this kind of project?

Richard Hatch: I don’t base anything other than if it’s a good script, an interesting character and something that would be really fun for me to play. I thought that this was an interesting piece. I didn’t know much about the game to tell you the truth. But I loved the combination of drama, comedy and action. The fact that they took a successful game. They are doing the reverse of what they usually do. They are trying to make a live action adaptation of a successful game. I thought it was an interesting way to go as opposed to taking a successful series and trying to throw out a successful game on the back end. Here the two kind of serve each other. The game adaptation will flesh out the characters, the universe and support the self submersiveness of the game. Games are getting more self submersive. The stories are getting more and more complex–more interesting. It used to be just a simple game technology surrounded by a simple little story that would be a wrap around. Now they are integrating game technology with more interesting stories. So I think it lends itself now to doing a live-action version and then doing the reverse. I think it’s great to have a great game and the live action. I think it’s interesting and unique to do it this way.

Tony Tellado: I also like the concept unlike some of the other roles you played, these are merchant marines in space so it’s a little different. Talk what it adds to the plot as opposed to explorers or a starship crew in space.

Richard Hatch: First of all it’s a small broken down freighter which I love. It’s like your favorite car and it’s always falling apart but you don’t want to give it up. But somehow some way it always seems to get you to where you want to go. This is an old freighter kind of constructed in the old fashioned ways and yet it has the endurance and it can do things that no one expects it to do. It always manages to hold together and yet it’s always popping rivets and various aspects of its technology are going out as it so often happens with our computers.

I love the fact that it’s a small little quirky out of the box little nerdy crew of misfits. My captain is dedicated to his ship. He’s dedicated that they deliver their commerce. He has to pull this quirky out of the box crew and keep them inline to keep them focused in getting the job done. He’s focused in keeping the deliveries going, paying his crew and surviving another day. He has to outsmart, out think, out strategize all the big bad guys who are trying to stop them and compete with them.

Like I said there is no holds barred in this thing. He’s a badass with a gun. Each character has their own particular expertise. It’s a little bit of Firefly, a little bit of Galaxy Quest, a little bit of The A-Team. It’s got a combination of all those elements that we fans love. I think it’s filling a huge gap in the sci-fi genre because there hasn’t been anything like this on the air, the closest thing was Firefly. Back in the old network model they need ten million fans to enjoy a show. And five million dedicated Firefly fans was not enough. In the new market place where you are building a more direct bridge to the fans, which I love, you can make things faster for far less money with the same or better quality because there’s a whole bunch of talented and gifted people coming into these areas. They’re creating their own networks, creating their own programing and building a powerful relationship to a fanbase, via their social networks and all the other ways everybody is connecting these days. If they find something they like, they come support it. Or if it’s Indie Go Go like productions that I’m in called Axanar, the groundbreaking Star Trek indie film. Fans are getting involved in the productions they love. And they are finding ways to support those things.

Maybe the decision, which I love, to keep a show on the air will be taken out of the hands of network executives who may or may not have any affinity with sci-fi, fantasy or any of the shows we love. They pull shows off the air too soon. And now under a new business model which can be very very successful financially for everybody, you can actually let the fans make that decision. Let them decide the success or failure of a show by the way they vote–by the way they support the show. So I think it’s a new day. It’s only going to grow. It’s the beginning of a whole new era in entertainment. It’s going to free the creative spirit. It’s going to allow a lot of people who couldn’t have access to have access with a lot of dynamic, creative programing. As opposed to just the network model. We’ve seen a little taste of that in cable when cable was able to go on beyond what networks normally do. I think this kind of a gold rush, new era, new topography of production, filmmaking, and creating networks is going to open up the doors to much more exciting stuff.

You can watch Richard Hatch in Loadout: Going in Hot at the bottom of this post. Remember to subscribe to Machinima’s YouTube channel so you’ll never miss another fun video again!

Special thanks to Tony Tellado for sharing his interview with Richard Hatch as part of the Geek Initiative.

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