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Inked Soldier’s BEST OF 2012: XBOX 360

Posted on January 3, 2013 at 6:42 pm by AGouff


As 2012 has come to a close rather anticlimactically (screw you Mayans!), it is time to take a look back at the past year and reflect. There have been some truly amazing games this year – some of the best to come to this generation of console. The next generation of console is coming soon, but it’s just not here quite yet. As such, I have compiled a list of the best of the year for my console of choice: the Xbox 360. Read on, intrepid soul, and be enlightened.


mostwantedboxartCATEGORY: RACING
Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Yes, I know, there was another Most Wanted by another publisher on this generation of consoles, but Criterion perfectly hybridized all things awesome from the Burnout, and NFS franchise. The most desirable cars on the planet, combined with open world racing, simple upgrade mechanics and great crash physics combined to make Most Wanted a great ride. With the new Ultimate Speed pack that gives you the opportunity to drive the legendary McLaren F1, it’s only gotten better.




Come on now, we all knew this was going to be at the top. It’s Halo, it’s Master Chief and it’s near perfect. With a plot that really brought out the human side of the big MC, Cortana losing her mind, an all-new set of baddies, and the Spartan Ops episodic DLC, who wouldn’t rate this as the best of the year?




Mass_Effect_3_Game_CoverCATEGORY: RPG
Mass Effect 3
It’s taken what, five years to get to this point in the game? All your choices in the previous games of the franchise reflect their consequences in this final chapter of the war against the Reapers. Bioware really managed to outdo themselves this time with better shooter mechanics, improved RPG elements, and better fight design. The gameplay is fantastic and melds RPG and FPS seamlessly. The new multiplayer mode upped replayability armed with continuous updates from Bioware. Just don’t play through to the end. No seriously. No really, don’t. You’ll thank me in the long run. Yes, I am still bitter.




Assassins Creed III
This was honestly actually really hard for me to decide on because I couldn’t figure out if I thought AC3 or Dishonored deserved the title. Both games have fantastic graphics in beautifully designed worlds, and allow some frighteningly satisfying moments of carnage with equally nerve wracking moments of stealth. Both games have their bugs and issues here and there. What tipped the scale in favor of Assassins Creed III was the wrap up to the modern-day storyline. It took 4 games for that payoff, but it was an awesome one indeed.




XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Remarkably, Firaxis managed to not ruin the 90’s era PC game I loved so much by bringing this to a console. XCOM retained the awesome turn-based combat system and the need for hair-pulling strategy that gave the old game such a devoted following. Definitely a great way for those who haven’t tried an strategy game to become exposed to the genre through some of the best.




Tekken Tag Tournament 2
A fighting game is a simple formula, and Namco hasn’t tried to mess with it. Awesome graphics and a ridiculous amount of choices in characters plus loads of DLC and an awesome multiplayer make this iteration of Tekken just a spot on as the original.




Happy Wars
Tons of player customization, an easy fighting mechanic and plenty of choices in arena mixed with the scale of possible battles make Happy Wars hands-down my favorite FTP game. Never has making your friends mad been so entertaining.




Well folks, that’s my list. Don’t agree? Think another game should have taken the title? Picks for worst games of 2012? Scathing rebuttals? Leave it in the comments below!

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