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Are You “Infected”? The Walking Dead Review [SPOILERS]

Posted on October 20, 2013 at 10:19 pm by Amanda Andonian


Strap yourselves in for another gory episode of The Walking Dead! For the curious craving to remain spoiler-free, you can take a brief glance at my shortened review below. For the rest of you, proceed on for my “Infected” review!

Spoiler-Free Recap, “Infected” – A

You know that other shoe? Well it dropped! A flu spreads through the prison, and it’s a race against time to separate the infected from the healthy before someone else dies and becomes a walker. This newest trial tests everyone’s endurance, threatening to tear apart their fragile peace.

Also, this episode is not for people who don’t like to see or hear animals being hurt.

Final Spoiler Warning!

Tonight picks up right where last week left off, with Patrick dead on the shower floor, gradually turning into a walker. Unfortunately, his shuffling and growling isn’t loud enough to rouse anyone in the cell block, and he manages to kill another hapless victim before morning reveals that they aren’t safe in cell block D anymore. The resulting mayhem ends with dozens dead and panic flooding through the prison.

walking-dead-infected2Apparently a bonafide doctor (Dr. S) has joined their ranks, and he recognizes that Patrick didn’t die from a bite, but from a severe case of the flu. It’s not long before everyone starts wondering who else might be infected, and thus be the next to die and turn on everyone else. They reason that the flu must have gotten into the prison via the pigs or some other animal, now putting into question whether their food is safe too.

This latest rash of deaths threatens to undo pretty much everyone. Carol has to teach some hard lessons to the surviving daughters of one of the victims, and neither girl reacts in quite the same way to her father’s death. It’s a harsh reminder of what death can do to people, especially the damage it can do to someone who’s so young. Although Carol is so gung-ho about teaching the children to protect themselves, she also seems a little uncertain in the face of Carl’s unspoken disapproval. I think it’s hard to argue against her wanting to help arm the defenseless, especially after what happened to Sophia. Obviously, this is a sore subject for her.

walking-dead-infectedApparently, Rick feels the same way. Despite Carol’s entreaties, Carl tells Rick about the knife lessons anyway. It seemed more like a calculated attempt at gaining his father’s trust rather than a crisis of conscience. Whatever it was, it definitely earned him back the privilege of carrying a gun. Not only that, but Carl’s admission—as well as another near disaster with the walkers at the fences—brings Rick out of his long slumber, finally awakening him to the responsibilities that he’s been avoiding for so long. Oh, and he fed all the poor piglets to the walkers.

More key takeaways from the episode:

  • Someone is trying to sabotage the safety of the prison, as evidenced by the shadowy figure feeding them through the fence with live rats, then burning Karen and another sick person while they were still alive. Who the heck is it?!?
  • Michonne is suddenly dealing with some unresolved issues after  spraining her ankle outside the prison. She feels weak and useless, and that feeling isn’t helped by the presence of baby Judith. Not that it takes a huge leap of deduction, but it seems like she’s mourning the loss of her own baby.
  • Tyrese understandably takes Karen’s death really hard. For fans of the comic: do you think this will be the last straw that turns him into a killing ball of rage?

Clearly the quiet times are over for our stalwart survivors, and the shit has well and truly hit the fan. What did you guys think of The Walking Dead tonight? Any guesses on who the traitors within the walls are? Leave us your speculation in the comments!

“Infected” – A

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 2, “Infected” aired October 20th, 2013 on AMC.

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