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Independent Film Spotlight: Of Dice and Men

Posted on September 9, 2013 at 11:44 am by Jeff Mueller


You can’t open up your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ without seeing multiple Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns thrown in your face. Well, today is no different my friends!

I recently came across an intriguing independent film production at a local East Coast convention (Intervention Con) and since we at Geek Legacy are all about supporting quality projects we wanted to make sure to spread the word.

Of Dice and Men Group

Of Dice and Men: The Film

A blisteringly funny and deeply affecting play about a group of 30-something Dungeons & Dragons players, and what happens when one of them enlists to go to Iraq.”

Not to be confused with the book of the same name, this is based on a stage play by Cameron McNary. This tale brings gamers (and gamer culture) into focus in an attempt to encapsulate the tabletop gaming experience of being a geek, without succumbing to the all to common cop-out of being self-loathing.

In addition to being witty and topical, the script really showcases well the different types of people who find themselves in gaming groups and brings the audience into that world without over-whelming them.

Translation – You don’t have to be a gamer to get it!

The Crowd-Funding Campaign

This campaign will supplement the funds to pay for camera, lighting and equipment rental, studio/location costs, costuming and cast and crew stipends. There are also several green screen/special effects scenes in the script – the more they are able to fund these, the better their effects will be. They plan on enlisting the help of conceptual artists, matte painters and visual effects experts.

So support Of Dice and Men and score some sweet backer-swag from the campaign!

Oh, and this is no fly-by-night production either. The group has worked together before and is backed by an East Coast production company.

About the Production Team

Cavegirl ProductionsKelley Slagle, Director and Producer for Of Dice and Men, began directing, producing and editing short films and music videos with her company, Cavegirl Productions, in 2004. Cavegirl Productions has created films for twelve 48 Hour Film Project and National Film Challenge competitions. The films have collectively earned ten awards and many were accepted in other festivals.

Kelley is joined in producing Of Dice and Men by Executive Producer, lifelong gamer and longtime member of the Cavegirl team, Seth C. Polansky, and by award-winning filmmaker and co-screenwriter for Of Dice and Men, Francis Abbey of Ciscovaras Pictures.

Most recently, Kelley and Francis co-produced THE BROKEN CONTINENT, a new epic fantasy webseries, after completing two successful Kickstarter campaigns that raised over $50,000. The series is now available at

For more information on Cavegirl Productions, visit

The Verdict

Don’t sleep on this folks! Help these aspiring story-tellers get some CGI dragons or something!

Support Of Dice and Men today!

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