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Imagi’s LEGEND OF ZELDA Animated Film Pitch Video

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 9:52 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Nintendo had been quite gunshy about using their characters in movies ever since the debacle of Super Mario Bros.  That film still leaves a bad taste in most people’s mouth, but it is definitely not the source material’s fault.  The makers and stars of the film had clearly never played or even heard of the titular siblings or the system from whence they came.  My goal as a film maker is to be the one that makes a Legend of Zelda film.  I have it all mapped out, down to some of the pre-release entertainment and when and where to announce and unveil the footage.  Whenever I hear of a company pitching Nintendo, I get a little nervous that I am too late.  Imagi, the animation studio behind TMNT and Astro Boy is the latest company to pitch the property, and they put together an impressive looking pitch video for Nintendo recently.  And although the Big N passed, Imagi has released their pitch online for us to enjoy.  I wouldn’t be opposed to an animated Zelda if done right.  The short pitch/proof of concept video below is pretty to look at, but I don’t know if I get the Zelda-vibe from it. Of course it’s a pretty short clip without the iconic Zelda score and no dialog.  Check out the video below as well as a video highlighting the process of the animation.

Via former Imagi DP and layout supervisor Adam Holmes via /Film.

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