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Image Reveals Its New “Sidekick”

Posted on June 6, 2013 at 4:29 am by Tyler Waterman

Image Comics is known for publishing titles that do a fantastic job of breaking the standard superhero mold, and it looks like it’s latest offering aims to do just that. Sidekick, the second offering from the Joe’s Comics imprint (along with the excellent Ten Grand), is also written by comic superscribe J. Michael Straczynski, and features art from Tom Mandrake and Brian Miller. It tells the story of Flyboy, sidekick to The Red Cowl, who was the greatest of the superheroes until someone killed him and left Flyboy as a sidekick to no one.

According to the press release, “Sidekick tells the story of nineteen-year old Barry, a.k.a, Flyboy, in the aftermath of his mentor’s death and his decision to continue his crime-fighting career, even though no one takes him seriously — not the good guys, not the bad guys, nobody. Any attempt Flyboy makes to improve his image backfires, and soon, unloved and unsupported, he descends into darkness.”

 “Sidekick is designed to turn the usual superhero tropes upside down,” said Straczynski. “Flyboy’s gradual disintegration into madness and crime is fueled by his desperate need for approval. His downward spiral slowly drives him to the dark side of the law, where he begins an affair with the villainous Moonglow Twins, who one night whisper something to him about the fate of his mentor that he could never have imagined possible. That secret may be the key to Flyboy’s redemption, or his damnation, giving him something to live for… and maybe, just maybe, something to kill for.”
Sidekick will be available August 7th, and if you want to make sure you get one, be sure to add it to your pull list at your local comic shop. I’d bet my last dollar that Sidekick will be the next big sold-out title from Image… you know, like every other book they ever publish ever.
Source: Image Comics Official Press Release

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