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Image Announces “Satellite Sam” from Fraction and Chaykin

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 6:37 am by Tyler Waterman

While Image is playing hard to get with whoever it is we need to answer to, they’re being much more forthcoming with another of their upcoming titles. Yesterday the indie powerhouse announced Satellite Sam, written by the already-legendary Matt Fraction and penciled by the extraordinary Howard Chaykin.

According to the press release, the series “will take readers back to the Golden Age of Television, a time when innocence was as manufactured a fiction as the perfect families in the comedies that captivated audiences at home. Their new Image Comics series Satellite Sam, debuting in July, takes a look at the darkness behind the small screen when, in 1951, Carlyle Bishop, the star of the beloved serial “Satellite Sam” turns up dead in a filthy flophouse. Carlyle’s son Michael has a hunch that his father’s death was anything but natural, but the only clue is a box full of photographs of women in various states of undress — and Mike can’t bring himself to stay sober long enough to make any sense of it.”

“It’s a detective story, a history of television, and a record of addiction, sex, and depravity during a time when the antiseptic shine off Ozzie and Harriet obscure what was really happening in the world,” said Fraction. “And these are just a few of the many joys that come from telling a story about television while it was being invented as a mass medium in New York City.”

The series will be published in black-and-white, which is delightfully appropriate, and considering the writer it will undoubtedly be elaborately detailed and disturbingly compelling. The first issue hits newsstands July 3rd.

Source: Image Comics Press Release



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