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IDW Highlights for 8/19/15

Posted on August 18, 2015 at 8:14 am by Tyler Waterman

Here’s a look at a couple of titles that IDW wants to make sure you don’t miss! Check them out below!



The animated Turtles are back and the adventures are more amazing than ever! A new foe from Splinter’s past returns to menace the Turtles… AND Shredder?! Plus a hilarious 8-page backup story by James Kochalka!

– Bobby Curnow, TMNT Editor



We’ve all heard of “Christmas in July”… and Duckburg has a real summertime present-giving holiday–the Great Day of Gifts. But Donald Duck is too broke to give anyone anything… and if he doesn’t give, he won’t get… and he’s not taking it lyin’ down. Wak! Before evening shadows fall, Donald is in jail for the mayhem he’s caused… and looking for a permanent temper cure!
It helps, of course, to have a Tibetan guru as your prison cellmate. By the time Donald gets out, he’s hot on the trail of “The Perfect Calm,” an amazing meditation method found only in unreachable Far Eastern mountains. Alas, duck-eating yetis stand in the way–and Uncle Scrooge is waiting back home, ready to exploit Donald’s new talent as soon as he gets it!
Beloved European Disney artist Romano Scarpa brings us a big, fat, hairy tale never seen in the USA before–and we’ve also got a classic 1960s Ludwig Von Drake comedy in the back of the book. How could you say no to Donald Duck #4? Our own Great Day of Gifts is coming!

– David Gerstein, Archival Editor

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