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ICYMI: Hemlock Grove, Pacific Rim 2 and More!

Posted on June 9, 2014 at 2:13 pm by Jess Hicks

Another week is upon us and maybe you missed some things while you were catching some sun this weekend. So here’s what you missed!

Hemlock Grove Red Band Trailer

The red band trailer for the second season of the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove surfaced this weekend. While I was not a fan of the first season with it’s soap opera roots and knock off characters, the second season does show some improvement. Let’s just hope the trailer isn’t psyching me out. Remember folks, red band means NSFW!


Guillermo del Toro Writing Pacific Rim 2


This is pretty awesome news! Guillermo del Toro has been working secretly on the script with Zak Penn (The Incredible Hulk) for the last few months and revealed some insight to Buzzfeed on the potential plot of this sequel.

Source Buzzfeed:

Some people were wondering if we were going to do the prequel. I was never interested in doing that first wave of invasion,” del Toro said. “I’m going for very new, very crazy ideas on the second one, which are very different from the first one — but you will get really great spectacle.


Ghostbusters Turned 30!

Yep, the first Ghostbusters movie celebrated it’s 30th birthday over the weekend and with that we got a couple announcements. The first being a theatrical re-release for the film on August 29th and the second being a kick-ass anniversary edition Blu-ray set!  I’ve seen Ghostbusters in theaters before so I’m mostly excited for the collectors set that comes with both movies, a Slimer/logo replica, and a ton of new special features including the “slimer mode” which lets you have a picture in picture trivia track. It’s available for pre-order now and will be released September 16 of this year.


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