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Hyrule Warriors Review: Baddies go Boom

Posted on October 4, 2014 at 6:24 pm by Justin Cavender

Hyrule Warriors Review Cover

Last week Hyrule Warriors was finally unleashed in North America on the Nintendo Wii U. Some of us at Geek Legacy weren’t convinced the merger between Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda would payoff. Sure it’s not like any other Zelda game you’ve ever played (we’ve heard that before), but that’s a good thing. Taking chances with a beloved franchise such as The Legend of Zelda, is a great opportunity for growth and should be celebrated.

Final Thoughts

Hyrule Warriors is delightful addition to a phenomenal franchise that’s brought joy to millions of gamers around the globe. Even though this game sits so far outside Zelda’s comfort zone, I never felt like I wasn’t playing a Legend of Zelda game. The use of familiar weapons, classic sounds, and an ensemble cast made me feel right at home. The HD graphics provided gorgeous visuals and knocked this beast out of the park.

The simplistic gameplay can take away from the overall challenges presented throughout the story mode, as button mashing is met with considerable success. Aside from various boss mechanics, the only real danger in failing a mission comes from neglecting your bases. However, those of you that want to really test your skills can always tackle the Challenge Mode.

Hyrule Warriors features four different games modes and thirteen unlockable characters. The ability to replay scenarios with different characters will certainly shake things up a bit and provide you with enough content to keep things fresh.

Presentation: 9

Gameplay: 8

Replay Value: 8


Geek Legacy’s review scores are on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest possible score.

Our review is based on a retail copy of Hyrule Warriors purchased by Geek Legacy.

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