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Hulu Plus on Nintendo 3DS? Do We Want That?

Posted on October 17, 2013 at 11:21 am by Amanda Andonian


Nintendo announced today that 3DS and 2DS owners will now have access to Hulu Plus on their devices. From the press release:

Users who have a wireless broadband Internet connection can visit the Nintendo eShop to download Hulu Plus. The application will allow users to navigate using the touch screen and view thousands of television shows and movies on the go. Streaming video requires a constant wireless broadband Internet connection.

Obviously, as long as you maintain your WiFi connection, you can watch as much Hulu Plus as you want. I suppose this is no different than watching Hulu Plus on your phone, but I personally don’t even like doing that. Tiny screens don’t make for a very good viewing experience. Also, from what little I’ve seen of the 3DS, it looks like the viewing experience would be of a severely lesser quality than a smartphone. But, maybe the resolution has gotten better recently?

At the same time, I imagine parents would rejoice at the opportunity to plug their kids down in front of a 3DS or 2DS, turn on Phineas and Ferb and then watch what they want to watch on their TV. In their gambit to make their devices the most ubiquitous gaming devices in a regular household, I think Nintendo is probably gonna win this one.

What do you guys think of the announcement? Excited to watch your favorite TV shows on your DS?

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