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How Tablet Growth continues to outstrip other Devices

Posted on February 29, 2016 at 2:22 pm by Geek Legacy


The news that Apple’s sales growth had started to stagnate came as something as a surprise, until you consider that the brand has sold an estimated one billion devices through the consumer market. This is the numerical equivalent of one-seventh of the global population, while it underlines the challenge Apple faces in attempting to drive continued growth.

The same can be said across device categories as a whole, regardless of branding or sales price. After all, sales volumes and ownership statistics have declined or plateaued across almost all device categories in recent times, from consoles and desktops to smartphones and dedicated, handheld gaming hardware. 

Tablets are providing an exception to this rule, driven by technological advancement within the sector and the specific demands of modern users (and particularly gamers). Tablet ownership has almost doubled in recent times and nearly half of all U.S adults now own this type of device, with dedicated gaming tablets such as the Nvidia Shield proving  particularly popular. This type of device has also been influential in diversifying the market and reaching to the rising (and increasingly diverse) demographic of modern gamers, with women now owning more consoles than men and older players more active than ever before.

This is reflected by sales volumes too, with tablets narrowing the gap on smartphones and set to deliver global gaming revenues in the region of 8.18 billion Euros by the end of 2018. This not only reflects the trend for mobile usage and the rise of this medium over traditional video and desktop platforms, but it also shows that smartphones may have already reached the point of market saturation. After all, 92% of all U.S adults currently own a smartphone, meaning that there is very little room for this figure to grow further.

These factors have combined to popularise tablets across a global and constantly changing market, making this type of device the most sought-after piece of gaming hardware in 2016. The underlying design and nature of tablets also helps, with dedicated gaming devices in particular offering  advanced graphics, ease of use and an ideally-sized, high resolution screen that creates the ideal hybrid between smartphone and desktop experiences. Whether you enjoy episodic adventure titles or accessing your choice of  online casino platforms such as M88, tablets help you to make the most of your gaming activities.

Along with  the rise of live streaming and resources such as Twitch (which allow gamers to capture, share and broadcast gameplay in real-time), the emergence of larger, high-definition tablets will help to cement this trend in 2016 and lay the foundations for further growth in the next five years. With this in mind, we expect tablet sales’ volumes to increase exponentially between now and 2018, while the use of smartphones and non-mobile devices continues to decline. By 2020, there is every chance that tablets will have been established as the gaming hardware of choice for players.

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