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How Many People Are Left In THE WALKING DEAD? Not Many.

Posted on March 7, 2016 at 4:04 pm by Gerardo Gallegos

FullSizeRender (3)“The Walking Dead” is one of the coolest and most frustrating shows on today. I do enjoy most of it, but when it drags, it drags! Putting aside my opinion, there is no doubt that “The Walking Dead” is one of the greatest pieces of zombie media of our generation.

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone has fantasized about what they would do if they were suddenly thrust into a  zombie apocalypses. I personally think I’d die within a week. So, comparing my hypothetical zombie brethren and those meat bags with beating hearts, there is a great disparity. Obviously, the Walkers out number the living, but I have you thought about just how many living people are left in “The Walking Dead” Universe?

Well SourceFedNerd made a YouTube video where they crunched the numbers to give us a rough estimate as to just how many people are left. Before watching this video, I would have said a random number like 1,000, but, after watching it’s a little more than that, but its a shockingly small number. Check out the video down below!

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