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How Gaming on Mobile Phones Evolved Over the Last 20 Years

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 9:54 am by Geek Legacy

snakeKnowing how gaming on mobile phones evolved over the last 20 years might give people an idea of where it is going now. Gaming on mobile phones actually does have a surprisingly long history by this point, which is interesting for something that people often consider very modern. However, technology moves quickly, and this has only led to a situation where more and more people have witnessed a number of different technological eras in only a few years.

The early mobile phones of the 1980’s and 1990’s did not have mobile gaming capabilities at all. These phones did not even have screens. Even the first mobile phones to have screens did not really have mobile gaming capabilities. It wasn’t really until the 2000’s that people started to create the mobile gaming culture of today.

The flip phones of the 2000’s had very simple games that people could play. These games barely had any graphics in the conventional sense of the word. While people still did enjoy these games, they often had all of the complexity of stick figure drawings, and the game playing mechanics were about as basic as people could get. However, these games were still popular enough to help create the era of mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming started to get more complex throughout the 2000’s. Of course, many of the games that people now think of as mobile games got their start online. They just became mobile games as the smartphone era began. The smartphone era officially began in 2008 according to most estimates. By this point in time, there were already a lot of online games for people to choose for themselves. However, it was then possible for people to actually access them on their smartphone devices. People could say that this was a case of co-evolution.

Smartphones are notable in that they have larger screens than flip phones. It isn’t even possible to play certain games without a large enough screen. In the 2000’s, the trends involving cell phones usually emphasized a progressively small size. This trend reversed itself with smartphones, which have larger screens than flip phones and which are often larger than them in general.

There is also the fact that smartphones have been made to handle more complex graphics, given their screen resolution. Even if flip phones were created to be much larger, they would not be able to give people the same visual experience as smartphones. Smartphones had the technology to make this current era of mobile gaming possible. Of course, in order for this era to really get off the ground, exciting free online gaming needed to happen first.

To a certain extent, these parallel trends illustrate the fact that smartphones could be regarded as tiny computers. Most people think of them in those terms anyway. To the people of the 1980’s and the 1990’s, smartphones more strongly resemble computers anyway, despite their name. Since smartphones are miniature computers, it is no surprise that it is possible to play computer games on them in the first place.

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