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Hotline Miami Live Action Short Film on Machinima

Posted on October 30, 2014 at 7:17 am by Justin Cavender

Hotline Miami Short Film

The top-down gritty murder-fest known as Hotline Miami has made its way onto Machinima as a live-action short film. Violence and neon are the two big takeaways for those of you unfamiliar with the game. Not to mention the killer music and pixelated greatness.

The film is set during the 1st anniversary of the Hotline massacres in Miami Florida. To celebrate, a small group of copy cats take up the creepy animal mask mantle and put the hurtin’ on some low life gangsters. Oh and check your volume or the screaming prostitutes might blow your speakers.

Hotline Miami is available on Steam, GOG, and PSN. Additionally, Hotline Miami is a cross buy game, meaning if you own it on PS3 or PS Vita, then you also own it on PS4. BOOM!

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