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Horror-Themed Office Decor: Make Your Cubicle Creepy!

Posted on July 27, 2014 at 12:10 pm by Logan Boggs

If you work in an office, you know that the ambiance is far from inviting. Often, people are stuck in gray cubes, mindlessly staring at computer screens all day, yearning for the clock to strike 5 o’clock.

Since most of us are trapped at our mundane office jobs for forty plus hours per week, why not bring a little life into our surroundings? My cube is covered in fun, horror-themed office goodies. Yes, my co-workers probably think I’m a weirdo, but that is A-OK with me!

Check out some of my selections for some spooky office decor and supplies below!


If you’re like me, your morning coffee is your lifeblood; I cannot function without at least one cup. However, I hate the pesky coffee rings my cups leave behind on my desk. Wiping them off takes way too much effort in the morning (because everything takes too much effort at 8 a.m.,) so I usually let them hang around for awhile, earning me the admittedly deserved reputation of ‘office slob.’ I think it’s about time I invest in some coasters.

Universal Monsters Tile Coaster, $12.50, CafePress.
Friday the 13th Tile Logo Coaster, $12.50, CafePress.
Horror Movie Poster Cork Coaster Set, $15.00+, OneofaKindbySSD via Etsy.
Horror Night Coasters, $25.69, SpookyShades via Etsy.


Mouse Pads:

Personally, a mouse pad is more of a want vs. a need at my office. Yes, my mouse glides around, just fine without one. But, why would I want to stare down at my dismal beige desk when I could glance at one of these!? I might go as far as to say that it would improve my day, at least a little. I think a positive mental state totally justifies a purchase.

Amityville Horror Mouse Pad, $10.88, ArtFire.
Jaws Mouse Pad, $12.00, Nightmare Novelty via Ebay.
Sleepaway Camp Mouse Pad, $12.00, Nightmare Novelty via Ebay.
Michael Myers Mouse Pad, $10.99, KiddosCases via Etsy.
Ouija Board Mouse Pad, $8.99, FutureSales via Etsy.



As I said earlier, I’m big on clocks. When I’m in my cube, I tend to stare at the clock all day, waiting for it to strike the magical hour in which I get to go home.

Horror Series Pop Art: Freddy Krueger Wall Clock, $30.00, Circs ’86 via Society6.
Vincent Price Wall Clock, $30.00, Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo via Society6.
Horror of Dracula Wall Clock, $30.00, Zombie Rust via Society6.
Nosferatu Wall Clock, $30.00, Joe Pugilist Design via Society6.
Rocky Horror Picture Show Wall Clock, $30.00, Zombie Rust via Society6.


Lunch Boxes:

During the work week, my laziness is at an optimal level. Yes, I know that it would be better for my health, and my wallet, to pack my lunch every morning. But, I also know that there are a number of restaurants a few steps away where I can buy an easy lunch that requires 0% effort. Maybe I would be more motivated to bring my lunch with me if I had one of these fun lunch boxes instead of schlepping around a tired brown bag.

Child’s Play Lunch Box, $40.00, KreepyKustoms via Etsy.
Critters Lunch Box, $40.00, KreepyKustoms via Etsy.
Friday the 13th Lunch Box, $40.00, KreepyKustoms via Etsy.
Fright Night Lunch Box, $40.00, KreepyKustoms via Etsy.
Pet Semetary Lunch Box, $40.00, KreepyKustoms via Etsy.


Are these pencils necessary? Probably not. Are they awesome and bad ass? Definitely. I’m sold.

Beetlejuice Pencils, $6.13, PopCultPencils via Etsy.
The Shining Pencils, $6.13, PopCultPencils via Etsy.
Ghostbusters Pencils, $6.13, PopCultPencils via Etsy.
X-Files Pencils, $6.13, PopCultPencils via Etsy.


Phone Cases:

Whether or not you’re taking business calls from your cell phone, these phone cases will make you smile as you level up in Candy Crush while pretending to be working.

Alien: Facehugger Phone Case, $35.00, BeastWreck via Society6.
Amityville Horror Phone Case, $35.00, Misery via Society6.
Chucky Phone Case, $35.00, Three Second via Society6.
They’re All Going to Laugh at You Phone Case, $35.00, ZombieRust via Society6.
Texas Chainsaw Massacare Phone Case, $35.00, Wharton via Society6.


Laptop Decals:

I also like putting stickers on expensive objects. I don’t get to use my laptop at work, so unfortunately, I probably won’t get to use these. I don’t think my company would take highly to me putting these decals on our expensive desk top monitors, but I can always try!

X-Files Lap Top Decal, $8.90, Vinyl2079Decals via Etsy.
Evil Dead 2 Drawing Lap Top Decal, $25.00, PoeDesignscom via Etsy.
Michael Myers Lap Top Decal, $7.99, Island Custom Designs via Etsy.
Pinhead Lap Top Decal, $12.69, Heleon Vinyl via Etsy.


Laptop Bags:

Now that you have a fancy laptop decal, you probably want an equally fancy la top bag to carry your computer around in, right?

Hollywood Monsters Messenger Bag, $42.95, VintageGaleria via Etsy.
A Nightmare On Elm Street Sweater Messenger Bag, $32.99, Cafepress.
X-Files Messenger Bag, $28.95, FameDazed via Etsy.


I’m not lucky enough to work from home, or be able to fit a bookshelf in my cubicle. But, if I could, I would buy these bookends immediately.

Shining Book Ends

Redrum Book Ends, $62.99, Knob Creek Metal Arts via Etsy.

…And finally, possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen:

Alien Face Hugger


Alien Egg with Launching Facehugger, $29.99,

See it in action here. I can’t wait to launch Facehuggers at those who dare to invade my cubicle!

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