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Horror-themed Home Decor to Scare Up Your Space

Posted on June 28, 2014 at 10:00 am by Logan Boggs

Anyone who considers themselves a true fan of the horror genre will attest to the fact that we are a breed all our own. We wear our love for horror on our sleeves, sometimes literately. Our DVD shelves are overflowing, and we collect anything horror related we can get our hands on. We are a passionate fan base to say the least.

So, why wouldn’t that love extend to our homes? After all, we spend the majority of our time there (watching horror movies, of course.) Luckily for you, online shopping is one of my strong suites. Look no further:


Anyone who spends a lot of time baking knows that you need a LOT of supplies. I love to bake, but my kitchen supplies definitely need an upgrade. I’ve grown tired of using dish towels as oven mitts, and I am definitely leveling up to some of these kick-ass pot holders. Behold:

Creepshow, The ExorcistPoltergeist, and The Stuff pot holders, $6 (What a hot deal!) at

While I’m in the kitchen, I can rock this fantastic Freddy Krueger apron and brainstorm ways to terrorize local children via their dreams…

Freddy Apron

Freddy Krueger Apron, $24.99, at

…And maybe bake some bad ass cut out cookies:

Cursed Cookies, Snack-O-Lanterns, Snack Attack and Undead Fred cookie cutters, $6.49-$11.99, at


Cooking is the less fun cousin to baking, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be at least a little entertaining! Even those horror fans with the most rudimentary cooking skills will appreciate these picks. These bloody cooking helpers are referred to as the “Splash Spoon Rest” and the “Mustard Splash Chopping Board,” but we all know what they’re really designed to be…

Skull Egg Shaper and Splash Spoon Rest, $9.99 each, at
Mustard Splash Chopping Board, $20.00, at Amazon.

While some may argue that toasting bread doesn’t qualify as ‘cooking,’ I beg to differ. Especially when my toast is stamped with Freddy Krueger!

Freddy Toaster

 Freddy Krueger Toaster, $42.98, at Amazon.

Fried eggs and toast are all fine and dandy, but appetizers are really where it’s at for me. Especially when they’re wine and/or cheese related.  How about serving them up on a Ouija board cheese tray or a voodoo cutting board? It’ll definitely creep your friends out, but that’s the goal, isn’t it? Plus, is it me or does that voodoo cutting board look just a litttttttle like Sam fron Trick ‘r Treat?

Appetizer Oracle Cutting Board, $25.00, at
Ouch! Voodoo Cutting Board, $24.99,

But let’s be honest here, cooking is nice and all, but who doesn’t want an awesome home bar? Apparently, Freddy and Jason are the most popular picks for licensed glassware, but I was able to find a sweet Gremlins set as well! Honestly, if you’re not in the market for some Nightmare or Friday wares, horror conventions are another place to get hand-made pint glasses. That’s how I snagged my awesome Regan MacNeil set!

Gremlins Pint Glass Friday the 13th glass $9.99, Nightmare on Elm Street glass $11.99 and Nightmare on Elm Street (clear) glass $9.99,
Gremlins Pint Glass Set, $15.49,

If shots are your thing, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. How amazing is this 3-D set!?

Friday the 13th 3-D shot glass, $7.86; and Nightmare on Elm Street 3-D shot glass, $5.55 at Amazon.
Friday the 13th (clear) and Nightmare on Elm Street (clear) shot glasses, $6.99, at

Finally, I’ve found a number of rad mugs to make your morning coffee that much better. I’m definitely taking a few of these to my cubicle to make my co-workers think I’m even creepier than they already do.

American Psycho mug, $8.70, Plan9TShirts via Etsy.
Chucky mug, $15.00, Mike Wrobel for Society6.
Jaws mug, $13.00, Sublizona via Etsy.
X-Files mug, $12.00, PangeaPrinting via Etsy.


Throw Pillows:

Much to my boyfriend’s chagrin, throw pillows are one of my favorite things. I have them anywhere and everywhere; so much so that it’s difficult to sit on my couch. But, that’s how I like it! And, I’m about to add these to my collection:

Amityville Horror and Critters pillows, $14.00, at
Farmer Vincent and Jason Voorhees Horror Buddies, $50.00, at


Sometimes, bathrooms can be the creepiest room in the house. Mine is very small, cold, and awkwardly dark… Basically, it looks like somewhere you’d go to get murdered. Now, it’s  really going to:

Blood Bath Hand Towel, $14.99,
Blood Bath Shower Curtain $12.99 and Bloody Footprints Bath Mat $26.99, at

If blood isn’t your thing, check out these other fantastic shower curtains. They’re a little pricey, but totally worth it!

Godzilla, Grandpa and Psycho Shower Curtains, $68.00, Society6.

Hopefully, you enjoyed some of these picks. Personally, I know where my next paycheck is going…

Stay tuned for a cubicle-friendly horror decor post, which will be published in the near future.


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