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HEROES REBORN Unlikely to Return for a Second Season

Posted on January 13, 2016 at 11:48 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Some franchises can benefit from revivals years after their finales. Then there are those like Heroes that should have stayed dead. When series creator Tim Kring and NBC partnered up to bring back the superhuman drama for a limited series, fans who stuck with the original run all the way to the disappointing end — were struck by healthy skepticism. Unfortunately, Heroes Reborn proved itself to be a repeat of poor decisions, which is why it’s probably for the best that the network will likely choose to not move ahead with another go.

Speaking from the Television Critics Association, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt addressed whether he still saw Heroes Reborn as a one-and-done type deal.

Yeah, I think that was always the plan, unless Tim woke up one day and said, “I have another chapter to tell.” But I think we’re coming to the end…of the world. Stay tuned.

heroes-reborn-zachary-levi-600x401This is actually a relief. While Kring has been saying from Day One that Heroes Reborn was a one-time deal, there was still the suspicion that the whole “limited series” thing was a front. True Detective was also supposed to be a limited miniseries, but then fans adored it and it came back. The same goes for American Horror Story. However, Heroes Reborn didn’t do what many fans hoped it would: be better than Heroes Seasons 2-4.

Heroes was at its best during Season 1. The drama, the suspense, the storytelling, the character development, and the life-and-death stakes were all there. Then something happened — there were two many distracting characters and side plots, Claire’s magical blood took away the threat of death, and the original concept of starting off every season with new characters went away when NBC pressured the producers to keep fan favorites. The lapse in story could arguably be blamed on the writers’ strike, but that couldn’t be used as an excuse when some of these grievances appeared again in Heroes Reborn.

While Kring teased he had several different incarnations for further continuations, Greenblatt remarked:

Said that to who? He didn’t say that to me. As far as I know there are no more incarnations of Heroes coming.

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