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Heads or Tails – Sleepy Hollow, “Root of All Evil” Review

Posted on October 7, 2014 at 7:00 am by Jennifer Langdon


Sleepy Hollow did it again! “Root of All Evil” brought out the evil in a few of Sleepy Hollow’s more upstanding citizens. Good old Henry Parish, strikes again.

Spoilers ahead!

This week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow started out with Crane and Mills learning that Henry Parish is Irving’s new lawyer when they tried to go visit him in the hospital. The nice lady at reception informs them that they’re no longer able to visit with Irving, per his new lawyer. They left the hospital and saw Parish leaving a bank where they immediately heard a gun shot. Mills ran in and saw a bank teller holding up a gun and yelling that she was taking what she deserved. Abbie was trying to talk her down when Sheriff Reyes came in and killed the banker.

Mills and Crane reviewed the bank surveillance video and saw that Parish did indeed talk to the banker and that she kept a coin that he had given to her. Crane started telling a story of General Washington sending him on a mission to find counterfeit coins. He thought they were just regular counterfeit coins but now he believes these coins were evil coins that made Benedict Arnold turn on the US. He figures Henry Parish got these coins and brought them to Sleepy Hollow.


Mills arranged for Jenny to serve community service and she got out of jail. Sheriff Reyes said some snarky comment to Jenny about her not wanting Jenny to turn out like her mother. This led Jenny to look into Reyes’ personnel file and find out that Reyes is the deputy that put the girls’ mother into the psych ward. Jenny got super mad and Mills seemed be way too understanding. I’m sorry, but if it were me, I would have handled that situation more like Jenny. She was pissed! Jenny got even more pissed at Mills for not caring more and stormed out. But before she stormed out, she told Crane and Mills about a guy named Hawley. She told them that Hawley would be a good “go to” guy for collector’s stuff, both legal and illegal.

Crane and Mills found Hawley, who by the way is a super fun addition to this tight knit crew. Crane immediately doesn’t trust him. Probably because he wants to be paid for information about the coin. Crane is able to decipher the little information Hawley gives them. Its a Tyrian Sheckle that were supposedly the money Judas is paid to betray Jesus. I really like the addition of Hawley, I think Crane may be right, we shouldn’t trust him. But he is amusing! We later find out from an interaction between Crane and Parish, that these coins bring out the evil in people. They sort of make them do something they really want to do, but under normal circumstances know that they shouldn’t do.

In the mean time, a florist somehow comes across one of the coins. He ends up blowing up his father’s flower shop while his father is in there. He builds a bomb with his father in mind and even writes him a little note. Then we see Jenny doing her civic duty by serving out some community service by way of cleaning up graffiti. Parish is in the foreground and sees Jenny pick up a coin from the ground. You guessed it, its one of the Tyrian Sheckles.


Hawley calls Crane and Mills to a bar where we see an amusing interaction between Crane and the server about how he had no identification. Hawley tells the pair that Jennie is acting weird. She came to him looking for a gun and stole one when he wasn’t looking. Mills assumed that Jenny is under the power of the coin and is after her. She goes to the precinct and finds out that Sheriff Reyes and Jenny are both in the forest “hunting”. Turns out that Jenny is hunting! She’s hunting sheriff! The sheriff put the girls’ mom in the psych ward where she later killed herself. Jenny blames the sheriff for her mother’s death and is out for revenge.

Jenny’s hunting trip ends with Crane knocking her down which dislodges the coin from her grasp. Abbie reaches for it and Crane knocks it away from her and it conveniently lands in Hawley’s hand. Hawley and Crane stole some stained glass from a church earlier because its only way to handle the coin without becoming evil. Hawley immediately disappears with the coin. Big shocker there. The camera focuses on Crane where he’s about to apologize to Hawley for not trusting him when he turns and sees that he’s already gone.

The show wraps up with Crane figuring out a way to tell Irving that Henry Parish is the Horseman of War and also his son. Hawley shows up at the bar and tells Crane and Mills that he plans on getting all 30 coins and leaves Crane with some fake identification to give to Reyes (and the server). Sheriff Reyes gives Mills her mother’s file so she can find out the truth of her death and more selfishly, so Mills won’t blame her for their mother’s death.

Sleepy Hollow, “Root of All Evil” was missing the fun Crane vs. 2014 that I look forward to in every episode. There was a scene where we find out that Crane is a “Gleek,” but it wasn’t as amusing as usual.

“Root of all Evil – B

Sleepy Hollow Season 2, episode 3 “Root of All Evil” aired on Fox on October 6, 2014

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