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Have they chosen the villain in The JUSTICE LEAGUE film?

Posted on December 3, 2012 at 7:30 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

While Marvel is unleashing the mad titan Thanos on us in the Avenger’s sequel, DC may be bringing their big guns to the Justice League film as well.  Latino-Review believe they have unearthed the main baddie for the film, and it is none other than Darkseid.   Originally introduced in 1970, Darkseid has been a primary antagonist of Superman and the Justice League for over 40 years. Outside of the comics, he’s also appeared in television shows like 1984′s Super Friends, the 90s’ Superman: The Animated Series and the recent animated versions of Justice League. He also played the major antagonist for the final season of the live-action series, Smallville.

One of the most powerful characters in the DC universe, the god Darkseid has incredible strength, invulnerability, endurance, immortality, a genius intellect and telekinetic powers. However, his greatest strength and his deadliest weapon is the Omega force, a manipulation of cosmic energy that he directs into Omega Beams (beams that shoot from his eyes and can bend around objects, eliminating whatever they hit from existence) and the Omega Sanction, a banishment to hellish alternative realities. Though Darkseid possesses even more powers than those listed here, he most often likes to work as a manipulator, using his superior brain-power to lure and trick the heroes into doing his bidding. No word yet on if Granny Goodness and the Female Furies will be joining the fun.

If this is true, and I get Thanos and Darkseid in the same year, I will be beside myself with glee.  I love the “god” characters in comic book lore, and hope they are treated better than others have been in the past *cough* Galactus.

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