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“Happy Batsgiving” Image Contains Clues and Questions

Posted on November 19, 2013 at 10:47 am by Tyler Waterman

This morning, Batman writer Scott Snyder released an image on twitter (@Ssnyder1835), both promoting the new upcoming series Batman Eternal and wishing us all a “Happy Batsgiving.” The image features two things: art from the fantastically talented Jason Fabok, and more clues and hints at upcoming Batman stories than you can shake a Batarang at.

Before I break down the biggest things to take from the image, take a look at it yourself. Click the image to enlarge it; trust me, you’re going to want to.


Here’s what we can take from this image:

  • The return of Steph Brown was already confirmed at NYCC, which makes the identity of the purple hoodie-wearing person pretty easy to assume. (Steph’s costume as Spoiler has a purple hood.)
  • Bat-pets Ace and Alfred are present, but Bat-Cow is nowhere to be seen, unless he’s being served for dinner. More significantly, there is a robin sitting on Ace… oh please let that be a hint of a Damian return.
  • Series writer James Tynion IV said on twitter (@jamesthefourth) “Re: Batsgiving. You haven’t met the lady in the Green Jacket, but you will. :D”
  • Both Harper Row and Carrie Kelley are represented, so the debate over who might become Robin continues.
  • Only a few villains are represented, meaning we should expect The Joker’s Daughter, Penguin and Professor Pyg to be significant to Eternal, which is an odd assortment to say the least.
  • The Iceberg Casino is in the water, further adding to the likelihood of Penguin being a major villain in the series.
  • Speaking of villains, there is an owl perched in the tree. That’s never a good sign in anything Batman related, and could either indicate a return of the Court or Thomas Wayne Junior, the presence of Talon in Eternal (whose book is also written by Tynion), or both.
  • The presence of so many Bat-family members seems to suggest the damage done in Death of the Family may be healing now.

That last point, however, brings me to the biggest takeaway from this image. As I mentioned, the gang’s all here, even Batgirl, Red Hood, and Batwoman, who have all had their grievances with the Bat-family even beyond DotF. So this begs the question:

Where’s Nightwing?

Considering the developments of the ongoing Forever Evil event, this is just more fuel to the fire that we may be coming up on the end of Dick Grayson. In fact, this is the second Batman Eternal teaser image where Dick was noticeably absent.  That being said, it’s also hard to determine who the blonde person is behind Tim. Could that be Dick, having dyed his hair blonde now that everyone knows his identity? Does that mean a change in alias as well?

We won’t know until next year, but if anything is clear, there are big things coming for the Bat-family in 2014, in the pages of Batman Eternal and beyond. Let me know if I missed any other details, and let the speculation continue in the comments below!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog


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