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Hands-on The Wonderful 101 Demo

Posted on August 15, 2013 at 3:43 pm by Justin Cavender

The Wonderful 101

Last week, Nintendo added a free downloadable demo for The Wonderful 101 on the eShop. I’ve played through it a few times, and I’m pretty excited about this game. So much is happening on screen with vibrant colors, alien ships, and attacking robots jumping at you from all directions. At times, it felt like a relentless assault on my brain, but in a good way. Imagine the “NygmaTech Box” from Batman Forever.

In the game, the player unites tiny heroes (Wonderful Ones), to morph into giant weapons to battle against evil alien invaders. Throughout your journey, you will recruit new heroes, smash faces, and save the world. Typical 9 to 5 for any real superhero, except this game does it a little differently. Strength in numbers is the key to survival in this action adventure tale.

The Wonderful 101

The combat in this game is nuts, to say the least. Selective heroes have special weapons used to defeat your enemies, and summoning these weapons can be a little tricky. Players can either draw a command on the touchscreen, or use the right thumb stick to motion for the weapon. For example, to use the giant fist o’ death, a player can either draw a circle on the touchscreen and press the A button, or they can move the right stick in a full circle and press A. Both ways work really well, but I like to use the right thumb stick so my hand won’t leave the GamePad. This might sound a little silly or complicated at first, but trust me when I say it’s super simple. Especially, when the GamePad illustrates how to summon each weapon. Other weapons available in the demo include a pistol and sword. Have at you!

The demo allows players to try the Story Mode in three difficulty settings, or you can choose Mission Mode. It’s worth noting the Story Mode features a simple tutorial on how to make the most of your heroes and weapons as you progress through different zones. The Mission Mode was a bit of a breeze after completing the story mode first.

If you’re one of the lucky few that owns a Wii U, be sure to check out the demo and pick up The Wonderful 101 when it hits stores and the eShop on September 15.

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