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Halo, Forza, Madden and FIFA Xbox One Bundles Unveiled

Posted on August 4, 2015 at 5:00 pm by Felix Mui


As is tradition with modern games, any big AAA title is destined to be bequeathed with a special/limited edition bundle. Often times they’re just a simple packaged game valued at $30-60 and will feature slight aesthetic design changes on the outer box exclaiming a subjective value that outweighs it from it’s dull and regular brethren.

For the Xbox One, Microsoft once again had no exception. But there’s a little more effort for two of the upcoming exclusive titles from the Redmond-based giant. One of them being quite fundamental to the entire Xbox platform itself.


The Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Bundle ($499 USD) follows it’s predecessor consoles by being designed with canonical aesthetics in mind as well as the 1TB hard drive. Decorated in a metallic blue and white sheen, the painjob is inspired by Master Chief’s rival Spartan Jameson Locke. Featuring sound bites from the game such as a Plasma Grenade and the Smart-link, the entire console lives and breathes Halo. Paired with an also attractive and eye-catching Wireless Controller to match, it just encourages one to pick up additional Limited Edition Controllers ($69.99 USD) sold separately in the Locke or Master Chief flavors.


The actual game itself will be a digital copy plus all of the bonus perks such as 15 REQ packs, FOTUS armor, an emblem, a small Guardian metal model, and the Fall of Reach animated series, as well as canon items like dossiers and orders. The console is slated for October 20th prior to the game’s October 27th launch.


The Forza 6 Limited Edition Bundle ($399 USD) also follows the Forza design aesthetics as well featuring a blue and darker blue racing stripes along the consoles right side to simulate a car’s metallic paint.  Containing a 1 TB hard drive, the console will also feature automobile sound effects, and a matching wireless controller. The game included will be in a digital form and will also feature the exclusive Tenth Anniversary Car Pack. Keep an eye out for this console day and date with the retail release of the game September 15th 2015.


Regionally EA will also be jumping aboard the console bundle train with FIFA 16 and Madden 16 branded Xbox One packaging. Either coming in 500GB(£319.99)/1TB ($399) or 1TB ($399) branded standard Xbox One console with a digital copy of the respective games. The FIFA 16 bundle will come with the digital game, three FIFA Ultimate Team Loan Legends, and one year of EA Access and is out September 15th. The Madden 16 will come with the digital game and one year of EA Access and releases August 18th.

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