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Halo Channel, Guardians Beta, & H2A Sanctuary Unveiled

Posted on August 12, 2014 at 4:03 pm by Felix Mui


Plenty of new and exciting Halo news today from Microsoft for their Gamescom briefing today. A brand new hub for all things Halo, an actual look into the Halo 5: Guardians Beta coming this winter, and the unveiling of a fan favorite Sanctuary as part of the 6 re-imagined Anniversary maps coming as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection this fall.

Kicking things off 343 Industries showcased a brand new app going forward simply known as the “Halo Channel”, similar to the existing Halo Waypoint hub that can be accessed through the 360 and the web, the Halo Channel differs by offering a home for all of the Halo original programming out so far as well as a place to watch Twitch streams of other Halo players who are playing multiplayer of completing speedruns in campaign. All of Halo’s previous movies/shows: Halo: Legends, Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, the upcoming Halo: Nightfall and the Spielberg-produced TV series will all be watchable through this app.


Also akin to Waypoint, the Halo Channel will be integrated with the latest news and updates through the Weekly Bulletin, as well as a functional encyclopedia of all things in the lore. With the Halo Community the focus of the channel, look for interactive polls and trivia as well as various means of interaction through Twitter and more. Rewards can also be unlocked by participating in the interactive elements and unlock exclusive gameplay related content like skulls, armor, emblems or behind the scenes footage from the original programming. While Waypoint will continue to exist on the 360, the Halo Channel will be accessible through Xbox One and Windows 8.1.


The Halo 5: Guardians Beta was showcased as well with a focus on arena style combat of the classic Halo games. Primary weapon starts, no loadouts, weapon and map spawn control; the beta will feature 7 maps, 3 game modes, 7 armor sets, and 11 new and returning weapons such as the Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, Sniper Rifle, and a new Rocket Launcher. One of the multiplayer maps featured in the beta and ultimately the final game will be a remade map from Halo 2 and 3: Midship. The beta is slated for release December 29th and will run for three weeks before concluding on January 18th. Certain unlocks and rewards from the beta will actually carry on to the final game and can be accessed through the Halo Channel. The only key so far to the beta will be from the Master Chief Collection.


Finally it was revealed that the fourth map of the six reimagined Halo 2: Anniversary maps would be Sanctuary. The classic fan-favorite that was remade in Halo: Reach will be returning, no details on what the new dynamic feature on the map will be. Another quick tidbit added was that the Halo 2 skill-based 1 to 50 ranking system would return across the board for all four games for multiplayer in the Master Chief Collection.

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