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Halo 5: Guardians’ Cover Showcases More Spartans

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 4:17 pm by Felix Mui


Earlier today, the Halo nation unlocked the final piece in the fittingly number 117 puzzle pieces that comprised the new cover art for Halo 5: Guardians. For the last couple of days, various Xbox sites and fans received emails containing a part of the artwork which started after the 5th episode of the “Hunt The Truth” viral marketing campaign was released. Hunt The Truth details the Master Chief’s story from the beginning and interviews various fictional characters to uncover that story. Some of it is well documented in the extended fiction of the Halo Universe with novels such as “The Fall of Reach” and “First Strike”.

The newly unveiled image is chock-ful of new elements for fans to recognize and speculate on. The biggest thing to note are the two teams of Spartans that the Master Chief and Spartan Jamison Locke will be hunting with to find each other.


Master Chief’s team is one that fans whom read the novels, comics, and movies will easily recognize as Blue Team. They’ve been together in the fiction since before the events of the first game and have practically grown up together with the John. The first member Kelly, was the first person John teamed up with in their first training exercise together after being kidnapped by the Officer of Naval Intelligence in conscription to the Spartan-II training program. Known as the fastest of the children, she had the quickest reflexes of them all and eventually became the scout of the group. The second member Fred, is the second in command of the group and naturally very similar to John physically and emotionally. Known for his leadership while John’s away, he prefers close quarters fighting with his second to none knife fighting skills. The final member Linda is the quietest of the group but also the most accurate. Known for her unparallelled sniping skills without the use of a spotter, she has a strong control over her own emotions and surprisingly enough was present with John during the events of the first game albeit in stasis due to severe injuries.

Meanwhile Spartan Locke’s team seems to be an unknown group of Spartan-IV’s who’ve been tasked with hunting down the Master Chief. But speculation has been high as to whom those Spartans really are, and if we’ve actually seen or have played as them before. Additionally the gigantic Forerunner “bird” in the middle which appeared in the original announcement trailer has reappeared. No word on what it is, but we can only assume nothing good is to come from it. We won’t know the answer until the E3 2015 Microsoft Press Conference where Halo 5: Guardians is surely to make a big appearance.

Nevertheless memorize the cover art as it will be the final artwork for the copies of Halo 5 coming out later this year: October 27th. Only for the Xbox One.

When they do get revealed, be sure to keep it here on GeekLegacy for the latest on Halo.


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