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Guess What Online Gamers? YOU’RE the One Who’ll Get the Girl (or Guy!)

Posted on February 19, 2013 at 1:54 pm by Amanda Andonian

This adorable infographic was making the rounds on the Interwebz earlier last year, but I didn’t have a geeky news and reviews site to post it on back then! Since I ran across it again recently, I just had to show you all this amazing piece of research that was put together by Online University from various surveys and articles on the topic of online gamers versus online daters. The result? People are much more likely to hit it off and develop a meaningful relationship if they meet through online gaming than if they toil through the depressing and oftentimes soul-crushing activity that is online dating.

Society would like to pigeon-hole gamers as reclusive shut-ins without lives, but most of us here at Geek Legacy are not only in relationships, but also happily married as well! So if you’re tired of hearing people talk about the gaming community as if it were a cabal of socially awkward and inept weirdos, just point them to this little beaut!

Also, if you’re a currently en-coupled geek, tell us how you met your significant other in the comments!

Gamers Get Girls
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