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‘GODDESS OF LOVE’ Stylishly Falls Into Tired Storytelling

Posted on August 30, 2015 at 8:00 pm by Jess Hicks

Venus (Alexis Kendra), an artistic soul who strips to make ends meet, meets the man of her dreams one night at work. He’s tall, dark, handsome and comes with some baggage of his own. A dead wife to be precise, one who killed herself. But what Brian doesn’t know, and what is pretty clear to the rest of us, is Venus is nuts from the word go.

Goddess of Love comes from writer/director Jon Knautz who churned out a small indie horror in 2010 known as The Shrine. It was set in a small country town in Poland and relied heavily on atmosphere and Polish culture to give it a sense of authentic eerieness. Goddess of Love is quite the opposite. It’s a cliched story of a woman who we are lead to believe is crazy, who falls obsessively in love with some dude, and goes Fatal Attraction on his ass when he rejects her.

Every step Venus makes is a replica of any Single White Female-esque flick you’ve seen. Alexis Kendra, however, does give it her all in this performance. Her pain and loneliness ease us into almost feeling bad for her, but she never reaches that point. I’m not sure if it’s the co-writing or that this type of “crazy woman” story just doesn’t work anymore. In a culture where women still fight, and rather vocally too, to be looked at seriously, this isn’t the movie to pioneer your cause with.

Every conversation between female characters centers around a man in some capacity, failing the Bechdel test and makes each woman feel one dimensional. Of course, our leading man Brian isn’t a peach either. He’s constantly leading Venus on and then disposing of her until he needs to be needed again.

As a final note I want to go out on a positive, I really dug the stylized camera work and color choices. They gave an illusion of a Giallo type homage, but it doesn’t quite reach maximum level.

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