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Get Your Geek On: Summer TV Line Up

Posted on May 25, 2013 at 12:55 pm by Jess Hicks

Once upon a time, before TV was moderately decent, summer was the season that killed TV. Imagine, a world where you actually had to go outside and participate in things. To that I say good riddance, bring on the summer TV!

Arrested Development (Netflix, 5/26)

Arrested Development

This is probably the biggest one this summer, mainly because it’s been off the air for so long. Arrested Development has such a huge fan following now that it is sure to be one of Netflix’s most watched for weeks to come. It can’t be any worse than that dreadful, Hemlock Grove. 

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (Disney XD, 5/26) 

Avengers Assemble

Fans are pretty undecided on this one considering a well liked show, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, was cancelled to make way for a new series. Assemble seems to be more of a direct addition to the Avenger’s films in that they will keep the same characters. I would like to see other superheroes but this could be interesting.

The Killing (AMC, 6/2)

The Killing

The Killing has had a bit of a rocky road in the short time it has been on the air. Some people hated it saying that there were too many misleading characters and boring sub-plots while some loved it (including my Nana, and her word is solid.) AMC actually cancelled the show for a brief time until making a deal with Netflix (the all powerful) and are now bringing it back for a 3rd season. I might have to check this one out.

The Venture Bros. (Adult Swim, 6/2)

Venture Bros

Everyone’s favorite Johnny Quest parody will be back for a 5th season. Considering there hasn’t been a new episode since 2010 fans are pretty excited. The creators are promising the first episode will pick up right where the final episode left off. I have only seen a few episodes but I have liked what I’ve seen. Lucky for me, all 4 seasons are now available on Netflix Instant Watch.

In the Flesh (BBC America, 6/6)

In the Flesh

Do you miss The Walking Dead? Are you looking for more flesh eating beings? Then BBC America might have just what you are looking for. In the Flesh is a (somewhat) new look on the zombie lore. Essentially, it follows a teen, Kieren Walker, who is one of many zombies being rehabilitated and reintroduced into society. However, it seems Kieren did some pretty awful stuff in his quest for brains. I’m not sure how I feel about this one just yet but I think I’ll be checking it out.

Continuum (SyFy, 6/7)


Continuum season 2, is actually already airing in it’s homeland of Canada, so it’s astonishing at how fast we are getting the second season here in the States. Continuum will pick up with Kiera trying to keep her futuristic identity under wraps. I’ve heard this show is just okay, but with the second season airing so soon, I think it will manage to keep fans interested for a while.

Falling Skies (TNT, 6/9)

Falling Skies

When Falling Skies aired, I lived in a world with no cable. So unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of this show. I have heard a LOT of mixed reviews on this, but from what I have seen in previews for the upcoming 3rd season, I can say I am interested. I am a sucker when it comes to all things alien and this season promises new and more aliens. What’s not to like?

True Blood (HBO, 6/16)

True Blood

Everyone’s favorite sexy vampires and werewolves will be coming back for the 6th season this summer. I am an avid True Blood fan but I can’t say I enjoyed last season all that much. However, the trailer for this season promises lots of bloody action, and I can’t help but feel excited for it. I foresee a lot of Eric Northman this season so that can only mean it will be better.

Futurama (Comedy Central, 6/19)


Futurama is supposedly coming to an end, with the final 13 episodes to be aired on Comedy Central. Futurama is one of those shows that no matter what season or episode is on TV, I will watch it. I love it and I will be sad to see it go but something tells me, with streaming, we won’t be seeing the last of the Planet Express crew.

Wilfred (FX, 6/20)


Again, another show that escaped me when I didn’t have cable. Wilfred is an intriguing show merely for the fact that is has a pretty successful “movie star” as it’s lead. Also, 3rd season?? How did I completely miss that it had a 2nd? Oh well, lucky for me at least the 1st season is on Netflix Instant Watch.

Under the Dome (CBS, 6/24)

under the dome

CBS is attempting to reach a new fan base by tackling a Stephen King adaptation of the book Under the Dome. I can’t say I have high hopes for this 13 episode series given the tradition of horrible King adaptations, but I will be checking it out. On the bright side, the show’s producer is Brian K. Vaughn, creator of popular comic series Y: The Last Man. 

Dexter (Showtime, 6/30)

Dexter Season 7 Finale

It’s seriously sad how far I have fallen behind in this show. The last season I watched was with the Trinity Killer. I just couldn’t get past how good that season was. Dexter will be airing it’s 8th and final season this summer on ShowtimeThough it’s sad to see it go, I can’t wait to see what Showtime has in store next.

Being Human (BBC America, 7/13)

Being Human UK

The original series is coming to an end this year with 6 final episodes. The series, as well as the American version,  is a pretty well liked show by its fans. It seems some drastic changes have happened over time in this series, seeing as the cast is entirely different. For those of you who need to get caught up on either the BBC or American versions, both can be found on Netflix Instant Watch.

Beware the Batman (Cartoon Network, July)

Beware the Batman

Though there isn’t a specific date for this new Batman cartoon, we’re expecting it for July. Fans of the comics should rejoice in the new look for Batman and his foes. For one we shall be seeing the secret agent part of Alfred and Katana as allies. Second, the show is promising to deliver more obscure villains throughout. Though I’m sure The Joker will pop in from time to time, it’ll be nice to see other villains get the limelight.

Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H (Disney XD, 8/11)


Yet another superhero cartoon will be debuting on Disney’s XD channel, this time focusing more on The Hulk and his group. I know next to nothing about Hulk and his crew, and I’m guessing a lot of other new comers to The Avengers don’t as well, so it’ll be cool to get a look at other characters for once (not that I don’t love me some Iron Man and Thor).

Breaking Bad (AMC, 8/11)

Breaking Bad

This is probably the best example of quitting while you’re ahead in  TV history I have ever seen. Breaking Bad is one of AMC’s most well liked and successful shows in history next to The Walking Dead. I’ll be interested to see if the premier pushes into first place over The Walking Dead. Though I have a MASSIVE love/hate relationship with this show, I will definitely be tuning in.


Holy cow, that’s a lot of (potentially) good TV for this summer. So crank up the AC, turn on the grill, and settle in for a lot of awesome stuff. Or you know, you could just DVR everything and watch it in the fall. Yeah, me neither. What are you guys most looking forward to? What do you think will crash and burn? Leave us a comment!

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