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Geek Legacy WoWcast Episode

Posted on March 8, 2013 at 1:43 pm by Justin Cavender

Greetings Geeks!


In addition to our weekly podcast hosted by David, Randy, Amanda, and Justin, Geek Legacy will host a special episode dedicated to a single topic. This month our focus is World of Warcraft, and patch 5.2 which dropped on Tuesday. We will be discussing new content including the Throne of Thunder raid, new factions, dailies, rare spawns, world bosses, and class changes. So sit back and enjoy this special WoWcast episode.

Justin, Kyle, Josh, and Drew share their thoughts and experiences with the release of patch 5.2. The four of them have raided together each week for several years on a ten man team with their guild. This week they managed to get their feet wet in the new Throne of Thunder raid.

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