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Geek Legacy Podcast Episode 39

Posted on April 2, 2013 at 1:48 pm by Justin Cavender


Welcome back to another episode of the Geek Legacy podcast. Each week four of us sit down and have a little chat about what’s happening in the world of geek. Recently we started using Google Hangout to record our podcast. If you don’t want to look at our mugs for an hour, you can stream or download the audio only version below. Things get a little weird this week when we theorize how Batman beat the Flash in the Injustice Battle Arena. You might find it a little off putting to hear about Batman rubbing pee all over his batsuit, but trust us, it works!

TV 0:0:49The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones.

Movies 0:21:40 – Iron Man 3 (Chinese cut), The Wolverine, White House Down, Independence Day sequels, G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Video Games – 0:35:55 – BioShock Infinite Review, Injustice Battle Arena

Toys – 0:43:30 – Randy gets trolled by Star War toys (April Fools).

Top 10 List 0:49:00 Top 10 actor we want to see in The Expendables 3.

Fun Game 1:02:50 – Load of Malarkey

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You may stream or download the audio only version of this week’s podcast below.

    • Stephen-Alva

      This was a hilarious podcast eh? I especially liked the part aboot Canadians eh? haha… no we Canucks don't take it too seriously but for the record I have never once heard "aboot" anywhere in the Great White North. It's also true that most Canadians are generally nice unless you mess with our Hockey or beer. Then it gets real!

      Also, I didn't say it in my top 10 because I was trying to be semi professional but Lou Ferrigno is a dick. He made a handicap kid in front cry because he wouldn't sign both Hulk hands he had, unless he paid for 2 autographs which was also $40 each.

      Really loved the podcast and looking forward to next week.

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