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Geek Legacy Lounge – Jose Prendes

Posted on April 13, 2014 at 11:00 am by Stephen Janes

Welcome back to the Geek Legacy Lounge. Today’s subject is screenwriter and author Jose Prendes, who recently wrote the film ‘Mecha Shark vs. Mega Shark’ and wrote a book titled, ‘Sharcano.’ Prendes explains why he’s so fixated on sharks and how that influenced him at an early age, what differences there are between writing a script and a book and what’s in store for the future. With ‘Sharcano’ being the first in a series, we even get a sneak peak at what future installments will include, so be sure to check out the Geek Legacy Lounge with Jose Prendes.

You can follow Jose Prendes on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to look for his book ‘Sharcano’ on Amazon.

This interview was originally recorded around the time ‘Mecha Shark vs. Mega Shark’ was released, but was delayed due to some publication issues. I want to personally apologize to Prendes and his staff for the delay.

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