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Geek Legacy Podcast Episode 6

Posted on August 1, 2012 at 7:48 am by Justin Cavender

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Geek Legacy returns for their weekly podcast. Today we discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic going free-to-play, Mist of Pandaria’s September release, leaked Iron Man 3 photos, Superman, and Star Trek. Listen in on what these geeks have to say. Remember to tweet your geek questions or comments for our podcast to @geeklegacy or post on our facebook page.

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Side note, podcasts tend to sound best through headphones.

    • HAHA, Data's daughter. I just watched that episode again like a week ago, and I don't even remember what the character's name was, let alone the actress.

      As for the JJ Abrams Star Trek, Wil Wheaton gives it his stamp of approval, so I think that Trekkers need to calm the hell down. However, I grew up on TNG, not TOS, so I'm not as outraged by the reboot as those who did. I suppose if they tried to reboot TNG, I might have more to say about it…

    • Edgyarmo

      There are four LIGHTS!

    • Deadwing

      Superman Returns was great!! Really looking forward to MoP and I might even try TOR… For free.

    • Diesel

      LOL! One of my guildies called him "Deadwing" for a whole month.

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