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Geek Legacy Comic Corner Podcast Issue 7

Posted on May 24, 2013 at 8:47 pm by Jeff Mueller

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Welcome to the latest issue of the most important comic related show on the internet, the Geek Legacy’s Comic Corner Podcast!

This week @TheMightyJerd and @BatmanIncVP are back to drop mad comic knowledge directly into your ear canals.

We chatter about the latest in Marvel news – The reveal of Angela‘s new look, the upcoming addition of the Hellfire Academy into the mix of X-books and we prep for yet another event, Hunger.

The latest issues of Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Journey into Mystery, Bounce, He-Man, Deadpool get reviewed using our new and improved scientific rating systems.

Tyler and Jeff argue the merits of Lady Sif, Deadpool and He-Man and you get to hear Tyler say “boobs”. A lot.

We ponder the need for Marvel to push yet another Avenger’s related event, Avengers Enemy Within, and discuss DC Comics‘ apparent goal to burn out like a dying star before heaping a little love on all the new mini-series being pumped out by independents and saluting Geoff John’s final issue of Green Lantern.

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