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Geek Legacy – Comic Corner Podcast Issue #39

Posted on July 4, 2014 at 6:12 am by Tyler Waterman

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Issue #39 of the greatest comic related show on the Internet, the Geek Legacy Comic Corner Podcast, is now available!

This week @BatmanIncVP and @TheMightyJerd talk about the new creative teams on Wonder Woman and Green Arrow, the return of Deathstroke, Marvel’s Axis event, and the “controversy” of Constantine not smoking cigarettes on TV.

We review Justice League #31, Black Widow #8, Aquaman #32, Ms. Marvel #5, Legendary Star-Lord #1, and Rocket Raccoon #1, as well as the graphic novel Andre the Giant: Life and Legend.

We also answer some questions from fans on twitter, and rave about Superman Unchained #7 and New Avengers Annual #1.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @TheComicCorner, like us on Facebook to get in on all the comic book discussions and send us an email with your questions or comments to and we will answer them on the podcast.

    • Thanks for taking my question guys! While I’m enjoying Kuder’s art on Action, I don’t know if he’d be on my short list to replace Daniels. He does action and emotion really well, but his style doesn’t appeal to my eye.

      Amy Reeder! That came out of left field, but definitely shows you put some thought into it. After googling her art, I agree that she would do great work on the title. I like her style as well. But to your point, DC won’t put the future of 2/3 of Trinity into the hands of a relative unknown.

      Me personally, Jim Lee is my favorite artist and while I don’t think he’d do the emotion very well…I’d take him just to see more Superman and Wonder Woman under the guidance of his pencils. That being said I want a title that comes out on time! I can see DC turning to an artist that has already spent time filling in for Daniels such as Paulo Siqueira.

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