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Geek Legacy Comic Corner Podcast Issue 18

Posted on October 13, 2013 at 9:54 am by Jeff Mueller

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Welcome to a special edition of the greatest comic related show on the Internet, the Geek Legacy Comic Corner Podcast!

This week @BatmanIncVP and @TheMightyJerd sit down to discuss the oft over-looked gems of the comic book world, creator-owned/small-press books.

We kick it off with two underdog-style success stories, highlighting the amazing books:

Mouse Guard Dave Petersen‘s beautiful and epic tale of sword-wielding mice! Check out everything you need to know about the series, and how to buy issues, over at!

Love and Capes – Thom Zahler‘s highly amusing examination of superhero relationships. Head over to to read all about it and grab a few issues!

Then we dig into a bunch of books from people waiting to get their “big break”:

Skyward – A great all ages fantasy tale from Jeremy Dale, you can check it out and grab issues over at

Blazin’ Brandy – Stephanie Lesniak’s swashbuckling tale of pirates and monsters; head over to for more info!

Torchbearer – A bold sci-fi thriller from Nichloas Dedual and Michael Montenat. Check it out over at

Yellow Peril – Jamie Noguchi‘s hilariously absurd (and NSFW) look at corporate America through the eyes of an Asian-American. Check out the ongoing webseries or grab compilations at!

Overground Comics – Check out this bold experiment of a super-hero universe that happens in real time through the titles Absent Captain, Plus Ultra and Graduate! Head over to their Facebook community for the latest news and info.

Star Power – A return to light-hearted fun in this new super hero tale from Garth Graham and Michael Terracciano. Check it out in web-series format at or buy issues from

Forever Freshmen – A funny, all-ages romp through the halls of an evil high school by Neil Segura and Ray Mendivil. Give a look for the latest issues!

Remember listeners, go support small press books!

Remember to like us on Facebook to get in on all the comic book discussions and send us an email with your questions or comments to and we will answer them on the podcast.

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