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Geek Legacy Comic Corner Podcast Issue 16

Posted on September 20, 2013 at 9:49 pm by Jeff Mueller

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Welcome to the 16th issue of the Geek Legacy Comic Corner Podcast!

This week the @TheComicCorner team sees @BatmanIncVP doing his best to talk @TheMightyJerd down off the ledge.

We take a quick look back at the Baltimore Comic Con before diving into this week’s books.

We drop reviews for the latest issues of Infinity: The Hunt, New Avengers, Flash (Reverse Flash – Villains Month), Green Lantern (Black Hand – Villains Month), Thor, and Zero.

We remind everyone how to score the Loyal Listener Rewards using the hashtag #GeekLegacyRules! Want to win free stuff too? Make sure you listen and follow the eligibility guidelines!

Tyler raves about how awesome he thinks the X-men: Battle of the Atom event is moving along before ranting about Justice League (Dial E – Villains Month)  and trying to talk Jeff off the ledge as he goes off on “Longbox Larrys” at conventions and people who get angry if you don’t think their favorite book is amazing.

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