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Geek it up for Christmas – Tablet Tech we all Need

Posted on November 30, 2015 at 1:38 pm by Geek Legacy

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Seeing as we’re rapidly approaching the consumerist frenzy that is the festive season, it seems like a reasonable time to cast our minds back over the year and have a look back at some of the best tech in 2015.

And it’s tablets and their associated tech more than anything that seems to have afforded us the ability to geek out with the greatest of ease. The sheer convenience mixed with pretty impressive processing power means that whether it’s online games or the latest comic book app, there’s never been an easier way to indulge our inner geek than via some of these top tablets.

Apple iPad Air 2

The tech giant that is Apple are pretty much the go-to for anyone who wants to show off with their latest tech gadgetry. And with the iPad Air 2, it seems that Apple have delivered their greatest tablet yet.

Although it’s just over one year old, it still offers a world-beating blend of convenience and power. With Apple’s iconic sleek design offering a space-age feel to the crisp and clear display, it is well suited to just about every function, particularly using Biolithic’s Comic Zeal app that is specially configured for iPad devices.. The iOS 9 operating system is a sheer joy to use, and the split-screen app function is something we’d like to see other tablets embracing.

Kino Console

For those already with a tablet who want to upgrade it to become a little more game-friendly, then the Kino Console desktop application is well worth checking out.

This enables you to stream PC games direct to your mobile device so that you can play any game, just about anywhere. So whether your looking for a more convenient way to play Skyrim, or even one of the potentially lucrative games of slots, blackjack or roulette at the Red Stag Casino site, there’s never been a better way to enjoy the full PC gaming experience on your tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Of course, it wasn’t going to be long before Microsoft launched their attack on the tablet market. And the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 does a pretty good job of implementing Microsoft’s core characteristics of quality and cost-effective usability.

A key aspect of the tablet’s appeal resides in the inclusion of a pen and keyboard which will undoubtedly please many geeks who want the convenience of a tablet without the pain of being limited to a touchscreen. And although there are still issues with the device’s battery life, it still provides evidence for Microsoft’s relevance in the increasingly-competitive tablet market.

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