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Game of Thrones – Illustrated Playing Cards

Posted on October 27, 2014 at 9:44 am by Geek Legacy

Over recent years there has been a string of successful television series coming out of both the UK and US, although it is America who steals the hit television drama crown with hugely popular shows such as Game of Thrones dominating both TV and social media platforms. Based on the book series written by author, George R.R. Martin, the fantasy world that came to life on the pages of a book, now does so on our screens. They offer us a window of escapism that has proven addictive. As a means of celebrating its success, as well as many other beloved television programmes, Ladbrokes have turned popular characters into illustrated playing cards.

Amidst the royal deck are the White Walkers, a mythical race that are known for the legends of their powers. In a fitting tribute to Game-of-thrones-playing-cardsthe awe surrounding the creatures, Ladbrokes have given them the role of Ace in their playing cards rendition, for just like them, the Ace holds enough power to change the outcome of a match. Out of the entire Game of Thrones deck, the Ace is the only card not assigned to one character alone, but instead an entire race.

As all fans of the show, and all card players, will know, there can be no Ace without a Queen, and for this deck it is the mystical Princess Daenerys Targaryen. Although this popular character is exiled royalty within the dynamics of the series, her mission to reclaim the throne is what makes her the perfect character to be the Queen of this pack. Moreover, her popularity amongst viewers would undoubtedly make her Queen of the cards regardless of her history and background within the series.

In another well-chosen transition from series to playing card, you have Joffrey Baratheon as the King. Despite the fact that he is the King’s son in the series and not actually the King himself, he has dominated many a storyline in the show. Furthermore, his royal standing in Game of Thrones makes him ideal to be the Ladbrokes assigned card. After all, could you imagine anyone else being the face of the King in this set?

Ladbrokes celebration of Game of Thrones and its dynamic, engaging characters is a truly inspired homage to the series. Furthermore, their ability to match characters to royal cards has been an exciting promotion that has encompassed many more television shows; to see the other playing cards you can stop by their website.

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