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Game of Thrones: “Dark Wings, Dark Words” Review

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 10:07 pm by Jeff Mueller


Tonight picked right up where last week left off, rapidly cutting to and fro between what seems like 3,845 plotlines; something that depending on your point of view can either be a good thing or a little distracting. The nature of this story is that, with so many characters, people will inevitably be more excited about certain aspects of the plot than others. Since they all are so integral to the overall plot, I definitely appreciate the attention that is obviously spent spacing out who we visit and when. I have been pleased so far and I believe, that regardless of who you tend to gravitate to, there is something for everyone in each episode.

I felt as though the cuts came much faster this week, which worried me for the first 15 minutes or so. I was concerned that we would not get a lot of forward movement since we were seemingly visiting every character but somehow the writers pulled it off, driving the plot ahead noticeably without spending more than 5 minutes on each character. Not only did we visit all but two of the main characters (Daenerys and Stannis were absent), we introduced several more players into the mix! Pretty soon you are going to have to keep a notepad, a map and a family tree next to your coffee table just to keep track of who’s who! So rather than trying to talk about it all, let’s just look at some of the more interesting points from tonight’s episode “Dark Wings, Dark Words”…

dark wings dark wordsAs the title reveals, we are reminded of how prevalent the symbolism of the crow is throughout this series by being re-introduced to Bran; walking around in his dream state seeing a three-eyed crow. What is so different here (other than the fact that actor Issac Hempsted Wright has gone through a major growth spurt) is that we are introduced to a new face, another youth, who cryptically tells Bran that he should stop trying to hunt the crow. Later we come to find out his name is Jojen Reed, and that he and his sister Meera have been searching for Bran since Ned Stark’s death. This comes to light after they track him down in the middle of the woods, with Meera not only get the drop on the ultra-vigilant Osha, but also with Jojen playing Crocodile Dundee with Bran’s direwolf. While it is obvious that they will play a great role in the progression of Bran and Rickon’s story arc all we come to know about these mysterious youths is that they obviously understand Bran’s unusual abilities.

While it can be hard to remember who knows what, we are quickly reminded that the world at large thinks Bran and his brother are dead. In bringing that piece of the story back to the forefront we get to peek a little bit more into what makes Catelyn Stark tick. While the conversations she has with Robb, and later Talisa, helps us remember the hard and tragic life this woman has lived, as well as giving us some much needed texture to her feelings for Jon Snow, it still doesn’t erase the unpleasantness she brings to the proceedings. One can almost look at her and the tragedies that follow her wherever she goes and wonder if she is not in fact the catalyst herself. If there ever were a cursed character in this story, it would indeed be Catelyn Stark.

One really almost has to feel bad for the Stark women; not only is Catelyn a black-hole into which all joy and hope escapes but her daughter Sansa is truly ill-equipped to navigate the political landscape of King’s Landing. We are introduced to Margaery’s grandmother, Lady Olenna Tyrell. A pleasantly crotchety old lass who immediately starts to put the screws to poor Sansa over a lunch in the gardens. Her inability to stay composed as the two Tyrell’s questioned her about Joffrey’s true nature just continued to cement how clueless she is. It’s almost enough to make one feel sorry for her. Almost. At least she has Shae and Tyrion looking after her for now.

One of the more interesting scenes of the week was the interplay between Brienne and Jaime Lannister. Depending on how long this “arrangement” goes (and the way the episode ended, it is hard to tell) I see this developing into a very interesting duo. The fact that Jamie is cut from the same cloth as Tyrion is often over-shadowed but now we have a situation where he is able to play his wits against someone who is almost forced to sit there and take it. Jaime is a fascinating character, and you can really see the similarities between he and his brother shining here. The study in familial similarities comes to a screeching halt when he tries to escape though and we get a fight. Not just any fight, but a very well choreographed and telling one at that! This scene establishes once again what a bad ass Brienne is. Granted she is armored and Jaime’s hands are tied, but she is obviously one of the more formidable foes he has faced besting him and dropping him onto the dirt of the road without much of a second thought.

We also get a little time with Arya (yay!), Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Tyrion, Theon and Joffrey.

As delicious it was to watch Theon get tortured like the traitorous scum that he is, it was a little tough to watch. Whomever has him captive definitely has no compunctions against bringing the pain and I predict more in the he future for the wayward Greyjoy. As cringe worthy as it was to watch his nails be ripped off and his foot crushed in a vice, it was almost more difficult to watch Joffrey attempt to play mind games with his future queen. I know it is the “in thing” to hate on Joffrey, but how can you not just get the heebie-jeebies every time he runs his eyes over Margaery?!?!

Anyway, allow me to leave you with this creepy image for now…

dark wings dark words

Until next week, Hodor!!! Let us know who you were most happy to see return in the comments below!

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Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 2 “Dark Wings, Dark Words” aired April 7, 2013 on HBO.

Please Note – Due the nature of this TV show being quite far behind the books in terms of plot, we want to remind everyone that there is a zero tolerance policy regarding spoilers in the comments. Keep discussions relevant to the show only!

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      OMG, 3 Bran scenes. I could go the entire rest on
      of the series with 3 Bran scenes in total. Plus 2 Sansa scenes and a Catelyn scene. I'm shocked that I still enjoyed the episode. Hearing Cat talk about Jon Snow made me hate her even more. I did like seeing Jamie trying to talk himself out of Briennes custody and seeing The Hound return made he smile.

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