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Full Moon Plush Buddy “Blade” Review

Posted on July 23, 2013 at 3:36 pm by Justin Cavender

Plush Buddy Blade

Blade is one of the Puppet Master’s most iconic creations and is now available in plush form. That’s right folks, now is your chance to bring this adorable little slasher to your home.

This oversized plush toy stands at a whopping twelve inches in height and looks perfect on your desk, sofa, or bed. Blade comes equipped with a knife in one hand and a meat hook in the other. He’s ready to slay any other plush toys competing for affection.  If you feel the need to wash your Plush Buddy, his black robe, belt, and pants are completely removable. I would have liked to see his hat come off, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker. Blade’s eyes, nose, and charming smile are sewn perfectly on the doll’s face. His hair is extremely soft but captures oils from your hands pretty easily. I would suggest you find the perfect place for him and keep your hands off.

I strongly recommend Plush Buddy Blade to any fan of the Puppet Master franchise and would argue he’s a must have for those with an affinity for cuteness. Available now for $24.95 on Full Moon’s online store and Amazon.

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