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Free DLC for Primal Carnage Available NOW

Posted on January 22, 2013 at 3:05 pm by Justin Cavender


Reverb Publishing announced today the free DLC mode “Get to the Chopper,” for Primal Carnage is now available through Steam.

Humans must make their way as a group toward set checkpoints through dinosaur-infested territories, holding off ambushes and vicious assaults from all angles before securing their escape in a waiting helicopter. The new “Get to the Chopper” objective-based game mode launches on the new jungle-themed Downpour map, which challenges players to radio into the helicopter pilot at one checkpoint and turn on a fuel valve at another before making a mad dash to their rescue awaiting them at the landing pad. In addition, the DLC also includes a modified Docks map, with additional maps to follow.

In our review for Primal Carnage we enjoyed playing the game, but also wish we had more maps and dinos to choose from. Now that DLC is finally making its way to Steam, we’ll have to see how many of us actually get to da choppa.

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