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Fox Bringing “Gotham” to Your Living Room

Posted on September 25, 2013 at 8:37 am by Tyler Waterman

All day yesterday, the internet was abuzz with talk about the premier of Agents of SHIELD, the new crime drama on ABC that’s based in the Marvel Universe but focuses on law enforcement rather than superheroes. However, by the end of the night, a comic-based crime drama was still lighting the internet afire, but it wasn’t a show on ABC.

Last night Fox revealed they’ve made a series commitment with DC Comics and Warner Brothers to air Gotham, a crime drama focused on James Gordon and the rest of the Gotham City Police Department. The series will be set in the past, with Gordon as a detective instead of Police Commissioner, and will not focus on Batman, though many of his famous villains will be included. Bruno Heller (creator of The Mentalist) will be at the helm.

The concept of a story focusing on the GCPD and not Batman may be new to TV and film, but isn’t new to comics. In 1996, DC produced Batman: GCPDa four issue miniseries that focused on characters like Harvey Bullock. Then, from 2003-2006, DC produced Gotham Central, a monthly series that again focused solely on the struggles of Gotham’s Finest, which many Batman fans hold in high regard.


All cops, no Batman, still awesome

A series based on the GCPD has been rumored several times in years past, but was never picked up, as most companies didn’t believe there could be commercial success without Batman himself in the program. However, with the recent surge of interest (and commercial success) for comic-based properties, this time around Gotham became embroiled in a bidding war, as other networks sought to cash in on the success ABC is already experiencing with Agents of SHIELD. Proof that good things do indeed come to those who wait!

No word yet on who will be cast as Gordon, or what other characters will be featured. As more news is revealed, you can count on Geek Legacy to bring it to you… in the meantime, here’s looking forward to this epic new series!

Source: Deadline

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