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First Person Views – Consoles New Purpose

Posted on May 27, 2013 at 11:18 am by Stephen Janes

Xbox One

‘First Person Views’ is an opinion piece about the latest hot button topics in the world of video games. With so much happening on a daily basis, this featured piece will take a moment and reflect on some of the bigger happenings of the week.

When the XBox One was announced just a week ago, many people were confused over its multi-tasking abilities and native television controls. The new console from Microsoft felt more like a hybrid DVR than a gaming console, which many people enjoyed watching. The most popular question was simple, “that’s great but, what about the games?”

The question that I have been asking myself is, what about the games? We know that the Xbox One will have exclusive rights with the next Call of Duty installment (Call of Duty Ghosts) and that EA seems dedicated to bringing the ultimate sports experience with their line of games. From a video game standpoint, this was all that Microsoft talked about during their games segment of the big reveal, which many fans were upset about but I found it to be a nice teaser of what’s to come.

Sony and Microsoft had similar responses with their new console reveals. The PS4 showed only a small group of game footage (all of which was pre-rendered) and the Xbox One really just talked about the new technology and how that will make games look spectacular. These consoles originated as devices to play your video games on, but this new generation of consoles seem to be focusing on more than just game play. Gamers shouldn’t be upset by this movement and also should understand that E3 is just around the corner, where major game announcements are always made.

I look back to when I was a child and all the video game consoles I had in my bedroom. It wasn’t until the Nintendo 64 came out that my parents would allow a video game console to be hooked up in the same room I slept in (for cautionary reasons). Shortly after, my entertainment unit became crowded with the additions of a PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and more. When I came home from school, all I had to do was turn the console on, pop in a cartridge or disc and get playing. As a kid, that’s all I cared about. I didn’t need a console to look up information or play movies, I just needed it to keep me occupied for a few hours and entertain me.

Now, I’m an adult (for the most part). I’m married, have two paid jobs plus two awesome writing gigs (including this one) and have more interests on my plate than just video games. The consoles that used to be tucked away in my bedroom have been moved to the living room because they are more than just that. The consoles have a bigger role in our lives because they are more than just consoles now. They are now the center of our home theater unit and will be for the foreseeable future.

The gamers that tuned into the Xbox Reveal event have a right to feel shorted, but they shouldn’t feel abandoned. As said earlier, E3 is coming up and up to this point, both Sony and Microsoft have made the major announcements regarding the console hardware that regular Joe’s find boring. This E3 should have a lot of major announcements for games and is gearing up to be pretty exciting, so reserve your judgement on the Xbox One until then. Many people use their consoles for more than just video games and it’s easy to forget that. Just wait, the games are coming. In the meantime, show your current consoles some love and boot up Minecraft or Tomb Raider.

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