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First Official Image from Sherlock Season 3!

Posted on November 4, 2013 at 11:19 pm by Amanda Andonian

BBC One tweeted as image earlier today teasing the start of the new season of Sherlock. In said image, Sherlock gazes longingly at his erstwhile friend, pining for their partnership. Or something like that. Check it out!

EW reported a couple weeks ago that Sherlock season 3 would premiere in the US on January 19th, although a UK air date wasn’t revealed. Those of us who are fans of British television are quite accustomed to waiting months for our favorite shows to finally make it across the Atlantic, but Sherlock is arguably as popular here as Doctor Who, which is aired concurrently in the US and UK. Hopefully, they’ll do the same thing with Sherlock, but who knows how these things work.

In any case, season 3 will pick up several months after “The Reichenbach Fall,” finally revealing how Sherlock survived his apparent suicidal leap from atop a building. Episode one is called “The Empty Hearse,” episode two “The Sign of Three,” and the last episode is “The Last Vow.” Personally, January can’t come soon enough for me!

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