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First Look at Beyond: Two Souls, Demo – Will it Live Up to the Hype?

Posted on October 2, 2013 at 4:02 pm by Amanda Andonian


With less than a week away until the release of Beyond: Two Souls, Sony released a half hour demo on PSN for those of us eager to get a better idea of what to expect from this latest opus from Quantum Dream. Initial reactions to the gameplay have been mixed, with many noting that the controls felt unmoored and unnatural. So how does the demo stack up?

First, a quick rundown of the story. Our protagonist is Jodie (played by Ellen Page), who is linked to a mysterious supernatural being she calls “Aiden.” Since the day she was born, Jodie and Aiden have been inextricably tied together with disastrous results. The demo drops us into a regular day with child-Jodie, who’s apparently living in a research facility where doctors (one of whom is played by Willem Dafoe) and other personnel monitor her behavior and the things that Aiden can do. Of course, things go horribly wrong, and we get a taste of the kind of life poor Jodie has ahead of her.


After teaching you how to control Jodie and Aiden, the game fast forwards to Jodie’s adulthood, where she’s a rogue CIA agent on the run from the authorities. This portion of the demo is by far the most interesting since you spend more time as Aiden and get a better idea of what he/it is capable of. Unfortunately, not much good comes from his abilities. Mostly a ton of mayhem and destruction. Though if I were an all-powerful being that could toss cars around like toys and inhabit people’s bodies, I’d probably be making humankind uncomfortable too.

Quick Time Events are not entirely absent, but they’re definitely much less intrusive here than in other games, such as Heavy Rain. No doubt there will still be those who complain about the prompts, but I think that Quantum Dream struck a much better balance when it comes to moving Jodie and interacting with the environment. At the same time, there were definitely instances when I just could not get the characters to do what I wanted them to do, especially when it came to more simple things like walking around. It gets particularly irritating when you’re in control of Aiden, who’s just a disembodied presence that floats around completely unattached to anything.


Despite the kinks in the gameplay, though, the demo did its work on me and I’m eager to find out the rest of what happens with Jodie. The graphics are amazing, and Beyond: Two Souls clearly has a story that it wants to tell. Although I was initially annoyed with how short it is, that mostly has to do with the fact that I really want to know what the heck is going on with Jodie and Aiden. What exactly is Aiden? What does he/it want? Why is Jodie running away from the CIA?!? I’ll definitely be waiting for my mailman next Tuesday so I can pop that sucker into the PS3 and burn through the game as fast as possible.

Want more? You can check out the game over at the Playstation website, or pre-order Beyond: Two Souls on Amazon and get it on your doorstep on release day, Oct0ber 8th.

Did you play the Beyond: Two Souls demo? What did you think?

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