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First look: All-New X-Men #16 Cover

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 3:27 pm by Joe Blakeslee

This fall the past and the future will battle it out in the present as the ‘Battle of the Atom’ takes place in the pages of Marvel’s X-Books. So what will the future of the X-Men look like? Well, dismissing the 800 other times we’ve seen their future before, it’s going to look like Arthur Adams’ cover for All-New X-Men #16.

With a team consisting of Kitty Pryde, Deadpool, The Runaways’ Molly Hayes, a female version of Xorn, a beastly Iceman, a beastlier than usual Beast, and an unknown hooded figure that looks very similar to Charles Xavier, It’s anyone’s guess which of three generations of X-Men will win this battle.





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